Updated 09:17 PM EST, Tue, Mar 02, 2021

United Airlines Once Again Offers Free Snacks, Latin America Flights to Retain Complimentary Offerings

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United Airlines have brought back the free snacks for their passengers. Now, all customers of the flight carrier can enjoy crackers and mini pretzels onboard.

NBCDFW reported that the free snacks were distributed starting Monday in the main cabin of United Airlines flights.

It noted that airlines in the United States used to offer free snacks to its passengers, but they had to do away with these after the September 11 attacks and the recession in 2008 to save money.

But Philly said Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines did not stop offering the in-flight snacks, even with these setbacks in the industry.

"The return of free snacks comes at a time when many U.S. airlines are posting record profits," added NBCDFW.

Meanwhile, PR Newswire said that United will also offer other complimentary snacks like sesame sticks, wasabi peas, Cajun corn sticks and ranch soy nuts to economy passengers who are flying within North America, to and from Central America and between Guam and Honolulu.

United Airlines vice president of food services Jimmy Samartzis, said that this effort is aimed at improving the experience of their passengers.

"For the customer heading home from a business trip and for the family embarking on a long-planned vacation, we are building a new inflight experience of comfort and familiarity, with complimentary snacks playing a small but important part," Samartzis said in the PR Newswire writeup.

In addition, the Los Angeles Times said that those who want to eat more can spend a couple of dollars and choose what he or she wants - like a bowl of beef, which could cost around $4 to $10.

For their Latin American flights, USA Today said that flights that offer free meals will not receive the complimentary snacks anymore. 

Along with this, NBCDFW mentioned that American Airlines has also announced that it will soon bring back free snacks for its main cabin passengers. 

In April, American Airlines said all domestic flights will already be enjoying the said perks.

USA Today also noted that the airline industry has indeed established stable footing after losing billions of money in the past decade.

It explained that the increase in profits has resulted in efforts to improve the flying experience of the passengers.

"What has changed is that the airlines have been able to fix our core business and be able to reinvest in our customers," said American Arilines vice president for global marketing Fernand Fernandez.

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