Updated 03:36 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 22, 2021

New Memes Make Fun of Peruvian TV Host Laura Bozzo's Swimsuit Photo

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Peruvian talk show host Laura Bozzo was a trending topic on social media as memes of her recent swimsuit photos surfaced online.

RPP noted that the 64-year-old talk show host got teased on social media after she posted a photo of herself wearing a sexy swimsuit.

It noted that many netizens have claimed that the photo was retouched, though Bozzo has strongly attested to the authenticity of the picture and claimed that it was a product of her hard work.

"Age is in the spirit in attitude and love that you have you take care itself," she was quoted by RPP as saying.

Among the memes written in Spanish was the comparison of Bozzo to the mummies of Guanaju. Some even claimed that they might get eye cancer by looking at the old actress clad in a bikini.

According to El Siglo de Torreon, the photo was taken while she was having on vacation at a beach in Paracas in Lima, Peru.

Without thinking twice, the TV host posted it on her social media site, which instantly generated various reactions ranging from "criticism, ridicule and praise."

The photo has since been retweeted more than 50 times and liked by more than 250 of her Twitter followers.

Meanwhile, La Prensa said that a lot of her followers questioned how she was able to maintain her figure, with one even saying "The body of Miss Laura looks very well toned."

In addition, Trome mentioned that the body of the host could pass for a cover of a fashion magazine, though many people still disagree.

It also claimed that she has also been previously criticized for her very slim figure.

E!News said that they never imagined Bozzo to have such great body for her age. Though eyebrows were raised with the swimsuit photo, the TV host said it was never edited.

"Those who speak of Photoshop, I never would and if I publish these photos is to prove that age does not count," she wrote next to the image," adding that she laughs at the thought of being old.

Last year, Bozzo left her talk show, which everyone thought was the end of her television career. However, Trome said she returned later on and worked on a show with a different format.

It was noted that she wanted to pay more attention to young people and dicuss issues like bullying.

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