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iPhone Crime Rate in New York City: Apple Inc. (AAPL) Devices Trigger 13 Percent Increase for Grand Larceny Crimes in NYC During 2013

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The crime rate in New York City decreased during the last 12 years, but the statistics are not positive for Apple device owners.

According to figures obtained by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Police Department discovered grand larceny crimes within NYC increased by 13 percent during 2013. The percentage represented approximately 45,000 incidents.

One reason linked to the increase of grand larceny crimes in the city was Apple devices.

The WSJ noted police specifically tracked the rate of Apple-brand thefts. NYPD officials stated Apple products accounted for over 18 percent of all grand larcenies, or more than 8,000 devices. NYPD statistics showed only 20 percent of grand larceny complaints led to arrests, a figure that may be low due to some victims losing interest in finding their Apple device, whether it's an iPhone or iPad, since the process includes filing a police report and looking through visuals of potential suspects.

An Apple spokesperson stated the company "led the industry in helping customers protect their lost or stolen devices" notably with the introduction of the 'Find My iPhone' app in 2009. The "Find My iPhone" app allows users to track a stolen iPhone and remove data from a remote location.

The NYPD has encouraged Apple users to utilize the "Find My iPhone" app.

In March 2013, the NYPD uploaded an instructional video on how Apple device owners should activate the "Find My iPhone" feature. People can also register devices, including non-Apple gadgets, in case one misplaces the item or if it's stolen, which is part of an effort known as "Operation ID."


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