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Mexican-Inspired Wedding Ideas

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The wedding industry is not going to run out of clients soon, especially considering that love is celebrated more than ever.

One of the best ways to celebrate love is by ensuring that your wedding shows a lot about your culture and heritage, even if it's not always the easiest route to go.

However, for those with Mexican roots, here are cool ideas to show your heritage on your big day:

Luminarias -- Whether you light up the path to the altar or make them the substitute of ambiance lighting at your reception, luminarias are a good way to set the tone of a Mexican inspired wedding. Use LED bulbs instead of candles though, just to make sure that no fire disasters will plague your wedding.

Dia de los Muertos champagne flutes -- If you have ever watched "The Book of Life," you know that the Day of the Dead is a big Mexican holiday. Dia de los Muertos-inspired champagne flutes add a very Mexican flair to toss to your wedding.

Pirinola -- Traditional pirinola toys are what you grew up with, so why not give these cute little trinkets to your guests? While children enjoy playing with them, La Pirinola is a game of chance that can easily be turned into a drinking game for adults.

Flower Crowns -- Frida Kahlo rocked the flower crowns for a reason: they scream Mexican. While usually seen during the Die de los Muertos celebrations, they also make good headdresses for bridesmaids and even the bride herself! Why limit yourself to tiny crowns when flowers can add a more refreshing touch to a unique, Mexican-inspired wedding?

Papel Picado table numbers -- Considered a Mexican folk art, perforated paper, or papel picado table numbers, make a simple marker look beautiful. Instead of tossing it aside as just another way to tell guests where to sit, the lovely little works of art can be a great conversation piece as well.

Of course, while there are little ways to show your heritage at your wedding, there are also traditions that set Mexico apart from the rest. For instance, Destination Weddings noted that dances are a big thing in Mexico, and parties and celebrations are always about the dance. Traditional dances include the Money Dance, where guests take turns money pinning or putting money on the couple's clothes.

Finally, serve up traditional Mexican food at the wedding. While fast food joints make many think that Mexicans are all about tacos and nachos, traditional weddings actually serve chicken and pork dishes, spicy rice, and tortillas, with sweet and savory desserts that make them distinct from other cultures.

How do you plan to incorporate your culture on your wedding day?

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