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Pokémon X and Y Update: Torchic Distribution Event Final Hours Upon Us as January 15 Arrives; How to Download Torchic

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Pokémon fans with the latest sixth-generation video games are approximately less than 24 hours away before the end of the free Torchic distribution event.

With the promotion of "Pokémon X" and "Pokemon Y" video games for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS console, Hoenn-based Torchic has been available for gamers to receive via Wi-Fi since Oct. 12, 2013.

Fans have until Jan. 15 to receive the Fire-starter Pokemon.

Torchic is available with the item Blazikenite, which allows the Chick Pokémon to Mega Evolve into Mega Blaziken once it reaches Level 36.

Torchic, once received over Wi-Fi, comes at Level 10 with the Ability Speed Boost, which raises the Pokémon's Speed stat by one stage at the end of each turn in battle. Only 11 Pokémon in the entire franchise so far are equipped with the Speed Boost Ability. The Speed Boost Ability is considered to be a Hidden Ability for Torchic since the Fire-starter Pokémon is usually equipped with the Ability Blaze.

Torchic comes with the moves Ember, Focus Energy, Growl, and Scratch. The Chick Pokémon also comes with a Premier Ribbon.

Torchic's main weaknesses are Ground, Rock, and Water types. Tochic evolves into Combusken at Level 16 and gains a secondary Fighting type. As a dual Fire-and-Fighting type Pokémon, Combusken, and later Blaziken, become weak to Flying, Ground, Water, and Psychic types.

To receive Torchic, gamers should select "Mystery Gift" before selecting "Continue" when starting the game. Next, select "Receive Gift" followed by "Get Via Internet." Finally, Torchic should be spotted and automatically downloaded to the game. You can officially pick up Torchic and the nearest Pokémon Center within the game.


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