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Paraguay is the World's Fastest-Growing Tourist Destination: What to See and Do in Beautiful Country?

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The United Nations World Travel Organization has released its 2016 Travel Barometer, and it's featuring countries that are fast becoming tourist attractions. Topping the list is the South American nation Paraguay, with a 97 percent increase in tourist arrivals in 2015. It is now the eighth most visited country in Latin America, according to The Daily Mail

Paraguay, which is located between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, has large areas of swamp lands, but is also home to subtropical forests and rivers.

If you want to visit this country, here is a list of things to do for you to fill your time:

Experience culture in Concepcion -- Located on the river north of the country, Concepcion city is an interesting place, with a bustling market scene that showcases the rural Paraguayan culture.

Connect with Nature at Granja El Roble -- Experience the nature of Paraguay in a farm near the city of Conception. Time Travel Turtle mentioned that the German biologist who runs the place, Peter Gartner, offers day trips and adventures to see the area. It even has a small private zoo on the premises, perfect to kick back and just relax, with none of the city bustle to disrupt you.

Enjoy the light show at Trinidad del Prana -- Set just 28km northeast of Encarncacion, Trinidad is the best-preserved Jesuit settlement in Paraguay. Lonely Planet mentioned that it has a Spanish-speaking guide who can give you a tour of the area. You can also wait until dark for an atmospheric light show that informs tourists of the history of the site, which is projected onto the walls of the ruins. The ruins are considered to be one of only two UNESCO sites in Paraguay. The other one, Jesus de Tavarangue, is also a Jesuit settlement.

Parque Nacional San Rafael -- This is considered Paraguay's last great tract of the Atlantic forest. The place is a paradise, with over 430 species of birds amongst the beautiful wilderness.

Learn a piece of history at Fortin Boqueron and Fortin Toledo -- Boqueron is the site of the Chaco War, which plagued paraguay in 1932-1935. To commemorate, Paraguayans constructed a museum in the area, and also erected a graveyard of the fallen. A gigantic monument was also constructed out of the original defenses and trenches, which makes for an interesting view.

While these things can fill up most of your days during your visit, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out more things to do in Paraguay via the World Travel Guide website.

What do you think of Paraguay as your next tourist destination?

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