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PlayStation 4 Games Out This Week: The Division (Beta), The Witness & LEGO Marvel’s Avengers [Details]

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Sony has announced the PlayStation 4 games that will be available starting this week. The line-up is noticeably scantier than previous games releases, but it still has enough diversity to cater to all sorts of gamers.

As per the official PlayStation blog post, here are the titles:

  •  Tom Clancy's The Division (Beta)
  •  The Witness
  •  LEGO Marvel's Avengers
  •  Gemini: Heroes Reborn
  •  Saturday Morning RPG
  •  This War of Mine: The Little Ones

All the games listed above will be available as downloadable content on the PlayStation Store when they eventually release. Meanwhile, "LEGO Marvel's Avengers" can also be bought at retail outlets. Those who purchase "Saturday Morning RPG" will also receive the game's PS Vita version as digital cross-buy content.

Tom Clancy's The Division (Beta)

The final version of "The Division" will be available on current generation consoles and Microsoft Windows on March 8, 2016. This gives Ubisoft over a month left to elicit feedback from beta testers to further improve the game.

"The Division" is an online-exclusive open world shooter with RPG and survival elements. The game is in third-person view and is set in post-apocalyptic New York. Polygon noted that players will be part of a special tactical squad tasked to save the city by rescuing high-value survivors. They must also upgrade their weapons and items in order to thwart rioters and crooks who wish to take advantage of the situation.

The Witness

In "The Witness," players are suddenly placed on a mysterious island filled with puzzles and challenges. In order to get back home, they must first explore the area for hints and clues. IGN reported that a strange fellow, who might know a thing or two about the player's predicament, will be narrating the whole journey.

LEGO Marvel's Avengers

Players take on the role of their favorite Avenger as they relive the storylines of the recent Marvel superhero movies. The usual dose of mayhem and destruction is still present, but now coated with the unique brand of Lego fun.

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

Cassandra, a teenager with super powers, takes center stage in "Gemini: Heroes Reborn." She is a conflicted youth who tries to uncover the origins of her special gifts. The game is in first-person view with equal amounts of action, adventure and mystery.

Saturday Morning RPG

"Saturday Morning RPG" is a role-playing game with a protagonist, a villain and everything that comes in between. The game's main selling point is nostalgia. It has a boatload of 1980s pop culture throwbacks and references. For one, its main hero is nicknamed "Marty," while the baddie is called "Commander Hood."

This War of Mine: The Little Ones

Players control a group of adults and children who are just trying to survive a war-torn city, not knowing which day will be their last. Metacritic pointed out that the game revolves around the idea that despite tragic situations, kids will always be kids.

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