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What to Expect from the 'Clash of Clans' Update Out Next Week: Pros & Cons

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"Clash of Clans" is expected to rollout an update in order to fix the "bad" and maintain the good from the one released back in December 2015.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, the highly-popular mobile game's update last year delivered "game-changing" new content, but also more bugs.

"The update in December added a lot of good content, but changed the majority of the game for most, not to mention added a lot of bugs to a relatively bug-free game. A few updates have fixed some of them, but many problems are still present," the report read.

Because of this, the outlet is led to believe that the coming 2016 COC update will basically include bug fixes and address other players' complaints, including the lack of money, or the so-called "loot."

Supercell, the creator of the mobile strategy video game, announced the upcoming upgrade last week, and revealed what is in store for fans of the app.

First is a new Star Bonus, which can be earned by winning five stars in the Multiplayer mode. This can be stored in another added feature: the Treasury.

The Treasury is located inside the Clan Castle, and is described as "the safest place to store resources."

Here, the player's resources are automatically stored so that only a very small portion can be stolen.

Another new update is Loot Cart, which is where part of the resources are transferred to when the Village is attacked.

These resources then proceed to storage.

The statement also confirmed that the new upgrade will include tweaks in battle balancing, presumably to make the face-offs fairer.

In a more recent update, COC developers announced that "the next update is on its way."

What is unsure, however, is the exact date of release for these updates. Gotta Be Mobile admitted that even their sources do not have the information COC fans crave.

Despite this, the outlet noticed how mini-updates are being rolled out every two weeks following the "sneak peeks" posted in the Supercell Forum.

Furthermore, Gotta Be Mobile has good reason to speculate that the big 2016 update may be released this coming weekend.

This is because Supercell developers typically "push out updates, following a short maintenance break," which is around this time. They said, "Once the maintenance break starts you'll know the update is coming, and you'll want to be excited for all of the changes."

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