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WWE Raw Results & Spoilers For July 09, 2013: Wyatt Family Debuts, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, CM Punk And More In Action (Video)

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Vickie starts off the show, trying to win over the crowd as she prepares for her public job evaluation when Jerry Lawler enters the ring and informs her that the WWE Universe will decide her fate via their WWE app.

Match #1: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Bryan attempted a crucifix pin late in the match and converted it into a "No Lock" after Sheamus escaped the pin. Sheamus attempts a Cloverleaf but Bryan outwits the Irishman and turns his hold into a cradle pin for the win.
WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Dolph Ziggler talks to AJ Lee backstage complaining why she has left him out on his own while she's taunting Kaitlyn. AJ promises to be by his side and won't leave him in a lurch again.

Match #2: WWE Tag-team champions The Shield vs. Tons of Funk (non-title)

Tons of Funk took control early with Seth Rollins the focus of their attack, but Roman Reigns powered the champions through, after Reigns cut down "Sweet T" with a spear for the pin.
WINNER: The Shield

Mark Henry sits down with John Cena to talk about how he sold out his family to get that title shot at MITB and how it will immortalize him if he beats the champion before crushing Cena with  "The World's Strongest Slam."

Match #3: Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel vs. Chris Jericho (non-title)

The Miz was doing commentary during the match, managing to distract the champion, who he will fight at MITB for the Intercontinental title. Curtis argues with The Miz before Paul Heyman reminded Axel not to get counted out. As he returned into the ring, Jericho hits Axel with the Codebreaker, taking the win.
WINNER: Chris Jericho

Match #4: World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara (non-title)

Del Rio was dominating the Mexican masked superstar when Ziggler's music hits and he came out to distract Del Rio, as he had been doing all month. Del Rio leaves the ring to go after Ziggler but Sin Cara laid Del Rio out with a flying cross-body, earning a double-count out.
WINNER: Double-count

Guerrero ends up getting fired despite Vince McMahon's approval for the job she has done with the show. Brad Maddox was named the new Raw general manager.

Match #5: Kane vs. Christian

Christian attempted a spear late in the match only to get caught by Kane who choke-slammed Christian for the win before the lights went out. Bray Wyatt walks down the aisle, with only his lantern lighting his path to the ring. Wyatt sits in a rocking chair as the lights come back on and the rest of the Wyatt Family surrounds and destroys Kane, smashing his head between the metal steps.


Match #6: Alicia Fox & WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn & Layla

The match eventually degenerated into a free-for-all as Kaitlyn is guaranteed to loss her cool whenever AJ is in the ring. AJ eventually tried to make her escape only to get nailed with a textbook spear by Kaitlyn.
WINNER: No decision

Match #7 CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

The main event was a back and forth that ended with Punk managing to counter Orton's RKO with a kick to the head, setting up the opportunity to put "The Viper" to sleep with a GTS. But Bryan, who is desperate to earn respect, came down to the ring and decimated Punk with kicks and nailed Orton with a ladder for good measure, before standing atop the ladder with the "Money in the Bank" briefcase in hand.

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