Updated 08:36 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 30, 2020

PlayStation Plus News: Free Game for PS4 in February Revealed; 14 for 14 Sale Begins Jan. 14

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Starting on Jan. 14, not only will PlayStation Plus owners be able to download the critically acclaimed Bioshock Infinite for free on the PlayStation 3, but many games will receive significant discounts as part of the 14 for 14 sale. And as an added bonus, the free PlayStation Plus game for PlayStation 4 owners has been revealed as well.

The free PlayStation 4 game for February is Onslaught, the survival horror game that was released Sept. 2013 for the PC. The game will be free for PlayStation Plus owners when it is launched on Feb. 4, according to the game's official Facebook Page. This game is another solid selection for PlayStation 4 owners to download in February much like January's free PlayStation Plus game Don't Starve.

While PlayStation 4 owners have to wait until February to download Onslaught, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to start playing Bioshock Infinite for free starting on Jan. 14. In addition, many PlayStation 3 games will be discounted as part of the 14 for 14 sale. Everyone will be able to enjoy the sale on these games, but PlayStation Plus owners will get an even larger discount on these select games. Highlights include the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut on sale for $14.99 ($13.49 for PlayStation Plus owners), Rayman Legends for $47.99 or $35.99 with the PlayStation Plus discount, and the solid Tales of Xillia at $19.99 or just $10.00 for PlayStation Plus owners.

Several smaller scale and indie games are also part of the 14 for 14 sale. Thomas Was Alone will be on sale for $4.99 or $2.50 on PlayStation Plus. The insane throwback game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will be available for $7.49 or $3.75 for the premium subscribers. Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2, one of the best free runner games on the market today, can be downloaded for just $7.49 or $3.75 if users also have PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Vita owners will also have a selection of games that will be a part of this big sale. Highlights include The Walking Dead: The First Season, Killzone: Mercenary, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. For a full list of games that will a part of the 14 for 14 sale for both the PlayStation 3 and Vita, IGN has all the 14 for 14 games listed as well as their sale prices.

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