Updated 12:20 AM EDT, Wed, Apr 21, 2021

President Macri Permits Argentine Air Force to Shoot Down any of Smugglers Aircraft without Consulting Congress

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Argentine President Mauricio Macri has authorized Argentina's air force to track and shoot down any illegal smuggler's aircrafts in the country. The move was done in order to crack down on drug traffickers who use Argentina as a transshipment point for cocaine, which is to be delivered to Europe.

According to a report with Wall Street Journal, Maurcio Macri's decision to implement the resolution without consulting Congress, was met with harsh criticism among his detractors. Many of Macri's critics believe that Macri's emergency decree could hurt civilians.

In a report with The Daily Mail, Macri's critics have also said that the protocol to shoot down unresponsive planes would be like a death sentence. However, Security Secretary Eugenio Burzaco said that the said protocol would only be used when drastic measures are called for.

Since Macri's term in office, he has worked overtime doing what he can to change Argentina. Macri has also promised to put a stop to drug trafficking, which has become among his top priorities once he came into power.

The country has recently become the newest drug trafficking hub. In 2014, It was reported that there was a surge in the trafficking of cocaine from Bolivia and Peru, to the United States and Europe.

Burzaco said that it was reported that there was an estimated 400 irregular flights in Argentina last year.

Telesurtv reported that the new resolution declares that drug trafficking in Argentina has become so severe that it warrants "the adoption of measures that allow for use of state resources to their full extent."

The president's critics believe that Macri's bold move could endanger the lives of civilians, calling it the "Takedown Decree." They added that Argentina could mistakenly target a civilian plane with innocent civilians onboard.

Macri's tendency to skirt over Argentina's Congress, largely controlled by supporters of his predecessor, Cristina Kirchner, has drawn concern among lawmakers. Macri's critics have since then demanded that Congress reviews his decrees.

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