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5 Weight Loss Secrets Popular with Latin American Women

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Whether for health or for vanity, different weight loss programs are available for those who want to achieve a slimmer body. However, what popular weight loss programs are popular in one part of the world may not be as popular in another.

Here are some weight loss secrets that are popular in Latin America

  1. The Latin Diet -- while more of a way of living than another diet fad, Americans should take a few pages out of the Latin American Diet if they want to get into better shape. According to WebMD, Latin cultures are into fruits and vegetables, loading their plates with beans and one-dish meals, rather than piling it high with meat and carbs.
  2. The Werewolf Diet or the Moon Diet -- this advises people to eat according to the phases of the moon, and is based on the principle of gravity. According to Shape Magazine, the idea of this diet is that people should take advantage of the gravitational pull of the moon to detoxify and lose weight. Celebrities like Madonna and Demi Moore were fans of this weight-loss program, but its effectiveness has been questionable.
  3. Dance -- In Mexico, as it is with many othet Latin American countries, dances like hip-hop, salsa, and belly dancing are popular, said Idea Fit. Dance-based fitness classes are said to be the thing in Mexican gyms lately, and with all the cardio that it takes to dance to Latin beats, there is no doubt that when done regularly, this could help in any weight-loss programs. Zumba is also making waves, and is especially popular due to its blend of dance, exercise, and aerobics.
  4. Indoor Fitness -- Cycling, circuit training, kickboxing, and strength training classes are also loved in Mexico, but high impact classes and complicated choreography dances are not their cup of tea. However, for those who don't want to do circuit training, Mexicans are said to be comfortable on elliptical machines, treadmills, and other such gym equipment they can use by themselves.
  5. Mind and Body Fitness --  Yoga, especially Hatha Yoga, is said to be very popular in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

In many Latin American countries, obesity is fast becoming a problem, and the Mexican government is doing its part to counteract such a negative phenomenon. Unfortunately, though, as fitness coordinator Norma Zurita noted, joining a gym can be expensive. Luckily, more and more fitness professionals are earning national certifications and even extending help to local communities.

Which of these weight loss programs do you think will work for you?

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