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Steve Rogers Gets New Love Interest in 'Captain America: Civil War'? [Details]

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The Russo Brothers Joe and Anthony may be planning on putting Chris Evans' Steve Rogers in a luckier place with the ladies in the upcoming film "Captain America: Civil War."

A Cinema Blend report noted that even as he appeared in four Marvel movies, Captain America has yet to retain a relationship with a lady character in the films.

While he did have some significant stares, sweet exchanges and even kissing scenes with the likes of Peggy Carter, Sharon Carter and the Black Widow, the Super Soldier is assumed to have remained a virgin throughout the current expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A recent interview with the directors of the upcoming 2016 film "Civil War," however, implied that this may no longer be the case.

"That falls under the surprise in the story as wel, but we can only keep Cap romantically uninvolved for so long. At some point, something has to happen with that character, so we are very aware of his lack of romantic life," Joe Russo told Comic Book.

Furthermore, the Marvel movie's helmer revealed that they plan "to keep dimensionalizing" his character, teasing fans of "something interesting" that might happen in the third standalone "Captain America" film.

Comic Book also speculated that the Avengers member may actually "lose his virginity" during the film.

However, this was something Hayley Atwell --the actress who played Agent Peggy Carter in "The First Avenger"- -said to be impossible, since she believed that Agent Carter and the Captain "must have done it" during World War II.

Of course, that statement is far from confirming or denying speculations of a love interest for the Cap, but the mere fact that they have an idea about Captain Rogers' "lack of romantic life" is definitely progress.

According to Cinema Blend, Captain America should be portrayed as a babe magnet, considering that he has Evans' charming looks, a rare kind of muscular build "that only a man with such pharmaceutical assistance can attain," and is a superhero.

The real major question on the issue is this: "Who would be the lucky girl?"

One can only imagine the number of candidates vying for the job, but Cinema Blend believes it will "most likely" be Sharon Carter a.k.a. "Agent 13." This is because she has been batting her eyelashes at the Captain since "The Winter Soldier," and was confirmed to fight alongside him in "Civil War."

Either way, we will have to wait until the film is released on May 6, 2016 to find out.

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