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Does Eric Newman's New Netflix TV Series 'Narcos' Glorify Drug Lords?

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"Narcos" executive producer Eric Newman has recently clarified that the Netflix series about a Mexican drug cartel does not "glorify" the illegal trade.

In an interview with Deadline, Newman and cast members Wagner Moura, Pedro Pascal and Boyd Holbrook were asked if giving these drug personalities with a platform on television or in the movies would be a positive or negative thing.

As for "Narcos," Newman explained that the cast and the production team thought about this subject and theme carefully.

"We took very careful consideration and I think we're successful in not glorifying these people. As much as we may enjoy watching Wagner play Pablo Escobar and it's certainly worthy of enjoyment, he's a murderer. I don't think the show in any way glorifies the narcotics business," the executive producer explained.

Pascal, on the other hand, noted that the television show is objective when it comes to the history of their subject or story.

"I don't think there's anything wrong in terms of examining the grayness of all of it," the cast member added.

The Netflix TV series is a real life story of how illegal drugs are sold through cartels all around the world, as per IMDB. It also exposes the violent conflict of drug peddlers with law enforcement agents.

Real-life Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, Moura's character, is the main actor of the TV show, where he operates a group that primarily sells cocaine.

He appears in the series with Holbrook, who plays the role of DEA agent Steve Murphy.

IMDB said that Murphy had a mission to capture and kill Escobar in Colombia.

Given a 78 percent rating by Rotten Tomatoes, "Narcos" is praised for the solid acting of its cast and fast-paced storyline. But it was highlighted that the popular TV series "lacks sympathetic characters."

On the other hand, Telegraph noted that the 10 episodes of "Narcos" Season 1 were able to tell a story on the drama that surrounds "drugs, women, mega-wealth and mass murder."

The TV series has generated buzz in the entertainment industry, leading to Moura's Golden Globe nomination in the category "Best Performance By an Actor in a Television Series -- Drama."

He competed with other worthy actors like "Mr. Robot's" Rami Malek and "Better Call Saul's" Bob Odenkirk, but failed to grab the award after "Mad Men's" John Hamm was declared the winner, as per Time.

Despite losing, Moura considered his nomination as something that he did not expect.

"We were always very proud... I believed the show was at least different or unique," the main character told Deadline.

Newman, for his part, added that they were happy with the recognition given to Moura, since he was pushed to learn a new language to be able to properly portray Escobar's character.

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