Updated 08:39 AM EDT, Thu, Jun 04, 2020

Brazil Bank Robbers Take Hostages During Escape Caught on Tape [Watch]

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Robbers who robbed a bank in Curiuva, Brazil, were caught on video as they escaped from the crime scene together with some hostages.

The video of the incident posted below showed the robbers, who were armed with guns, escaping the bank aboard a pickup truck, which also carried innocent individuals.

According to Globo, the armed group targeted a bank in the northern Parana municipality on Monday afternoon.

aRede added that the five men were holding rifles when they entered the bank, and grabbed people walking on the street to prevent the police from shooting at them.

It added that when they took a big sum of money from the financial establishment, they also took a Ford F-1000 truck, which was parked adjacent to the bank.

In the Globo report, witnesses said that when the robbers fled the crime scene, they were with hostages who were seated in front of the pickup truck. They have not been located since their escape.

A similar Ric Mais report mentioned that the group could have used the hostages as their human shields to make sure that they would be able to escape unharmed.

It also noted that the hostages were customers and employees of Banco Itau. One of them, a half-naked man, was even seen on the pickup truck's hood as the vehicle moved towards the PR - 160 highway, going to Telemaco Borba.

This prevented police from shooting at them during the escape, added aRede. It added that about 30 individuals were taken hostage by the group.

Ric Mais, however, noted that the hostages were later on dumped in the neighborhood of Cologne Dantas.

Until now, the military police have no leads on the whereabouts of the robber group.

The video highlighted the fact that there were no signs of any police trailing the getaway vehicle. However, perhaps it was simply not taped, since the person who shared WhatsUp video ended filming after the suspects passed.

The Itau bank in Curiuva also became a target of an armed robbery group two years ago, according to Bonde.

It noted that seven gunmen bombed the automated teller machines (ATMs) of the bank to get the money inside them. The robbers also reportedly had long guns and wore hoods.

Last year, another bank in Curiuva was targeted by men with the same strategy of blowing up ATMs.

An earlier Globo report mentioned that the robbers even thought of locking the gate of the Military Police to prevent them from responding to the incident.

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