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Top 10 iPhone 6s Cases for Watersport Enthusiasts

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When bodyboarding in the Caribbean or white-water rafting in Costa Rica, it's always convenient to have your iPhone 6s in hand for those quick selfies and emergency calls. However, your latest iOS device might not be as waterproof as its thrill-seeking owner. Fortunately, you can pick up one of these neat cases to protect your smartphone from the ill effects of water seepage.

1. Griffin Survivor Summit

Aside from being moderately water-resistant, this case also blocks dust and sand. It's even durable enough to cushion your iPhone from a 10-foot fall.

Price: $50

2. Dog & Bone Wetsuit

Waterproof cases usually have a thin transparent film to protect the screen. The Dog & Bone Wetsuit is designed to fend off liquid, dust and snow without relying on a plastic sheet. Instead, the case is sealed tightly around the screen's four sides. This means the smartphone's touch sensitivity is retained.

Price: $80

3. LifeProof FRĒ

The FRĒ isn't too bulky or too thin. It can protect your iPhone from being submerged into 6.6 feet of water for almost an hour. When fitted with the FRĒ, 6.6-feet drops wouldn't be an issue for your latest iOS device.

Price: $80

4. LifeProof FRĒ Power

As its name implies, the FRĒ Power features a built-in battery that serves as a perfect back-up for your iPhone. It's a bigger and heavier version of regular FRĒ and not much else.

Price: $130

5. Seidio Obex

The Seidio Obex shelters your iPhone 6s from unwanted seepage and sudden drops, with its durable body made from polycarbonate and thermoplastic silicone vulcanizate. This case is available in black, white, yellow, grey and pink.

Price: $70

6. Pelican Marine

This thin case is the perfect accessory for owners who don't like scratch marks on their handsets. The Pelican Marine is also easy on the hand. It's relatively softer than other cases on this list.

Price: $80

7. LifeBox Rugged Protection Case

LifeBox knows things can get pretty intense during watersport activities. As such, the company has created an iPhone 6s case that has an IP68 rating, which has passed the military drop test standard. Color options include black, white, purple, red and green.

Price: $40

8. ISELECTOR Waterproof Case

Unlike other waterproof cases, the Iselector retains the sound quality of the iPhone 6s. With this case on, your handset can survive accidental drops on water, but it isn't ideal for long, deep swims.

Price: $46

9. Easylife iPhone Waterproof Case

This case fixes a recurring issue on most of its contemporaries: squeaky sounds. Outside of being water and dust resistant, it is designed to prevent scratch marks on the screen.

Price: $20

10. TETHYS "Movee" Waterproof Case

While wearing the Movee, your iPhone 6s will live to see another day after being submerged in eight-feet of water. More like a waterproof pouch than a shield, most smartphone features will not be accessible when this case is put on.

Price: $13

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