Updated 12:36 AM EDT, Wed, Apr 21, 2021

Argentina's Mauricio Macri Vows to Bring 'Clarity' to Alberto Nisman's Death

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Argentine leader Mauricio Macri commemorates the death anniversary of State Prosecutor Alberto Nisman by promising to help in clearing up the case once and for all.

On Sunday, a statement from the Argentine President's office was released, stating the administration's intention to push for the clarification of the case.

"President Macri's government ... does not intend to interfere with the judiciary but it will favor measures ... that will help to clarify both incidents," a statement from the Argentine government explained, as cited by Fox Latino.

The statement came after Macri met with Nisman's family, including his wife Juliana Awada and daughters Iara and Kala, a day before the public prosecutor's death anniversary.

According to BBC News, Nisman was found dead in the bathroom of his apartment in Buenos Aires a couple of hours before he was set to testify in Congress against the former Argentina president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner on January 18, 2015.

Cause of death was believed to be a bullet to his head, leading authorities to believe that it was possible that he committed suicide.

However, many are not convinced of this; the probe continues to uncover the truth on whether or not Nisman killed himself or if he was murdered in relation to his unfinished testimony against the former president.

According to BBC News, Nisman was in charge of investigating the bombing of the Amia Jewish center in 1994, which is now dubbed as Argentina's deadliest terrorist attack.

During his 10-year-long probe, Nisman was believed to have uncovered Fernandez de Kirchner's connection to the crime.

Unfortunately, much of the physical evidence has been either contaminated or lost, which means the culprits remain free from justice.

Before his death, Nisman was prepping a 350-page report to the Congress that accused the former president of the country of covering up the involvement of some top Iranian officials, something Fernandez de Kirchner strongly denied.

According to her, Nisman was fed with false information in order to put the blame on her and discredit her administration.

Iara, Nisman's eldest daughter, however, believes that her father's death was aimed to cultivate fear in the people of Argentina, which was under the strict reign of the Kirchners.

She further expressed her hope of finding the truth regarding Nisman's death.

In a bid to help solve the case, Macri ordered several government arms to declassify documents related to the case, according to a report from the Associated Press cited by Yahoo News a week ago.

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