Updated 12:02 PM EST, Sun, Dec 05, 2021

El Salvador – Israel Dispute: Latin Country to Move Embassy to Palestinian Territory?

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The Foreign Ministry of Israel's announcement that it intends to close its embassy in Sal Salvador, El Salvador, has been met with much criticism from the Latin American country. The intended closure of the embassy is part of the Jewish nation's budget cuts for the succeeding years, according to The Jewish Press.

With the announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government has managed to offend yet another Latin American country. Currently, the Israeli government is in a feud with Brazil over the Latin America country's condemnation of the Jewish state's allegedly excessive use of force in the Gaza Strip, back in 2014.

El Salvador is not the only country with an Israeli embassy that is set to close, however. Ynet News reports that apart from its mission in San Salvador, Israel also plans to close its embassies in four other locations, including Minsk and Belarus.  

Werner Matias Romero, a senior diplomatic official and the ambassador to Israel, stated extended his disappointment at the announcement, warning Israel that closing its embassy in San Salvador might end up triggering a number of unwanted consequences.

"What Israel has done is bite the friendly hand we extended to her. That's not a way to treat your friends. This could definitely bolster the element in El Salvador who are opposed to our ties with Israel," the ambassador said.

The ambassador, however, was quick to dissolve any rumors about El Salvador planning on moving its embassy to Ramallah, which is a known Palestinian territory. Doing so will definitely be a blow to the ties of the two countries, considering Israel and Palestine's fiery and violent history.

Speaking to The Times of Israel, Romero stated that El Salvador was "not even thinking" of moving its embassy to the Palestinian territory. He did, however, emphasize the Latin American country's grave disappointment at the plans of the Jewish state.

Romero was also quick to point out that El Salvador, despite being a relatively small country, has been a valuable ally to Israel in the past, supporting the establishment of the State of Israel back in 1947, and that a Salvadoran diplomat helped save thousands of Jews during the Holocaust, eventually being recognized as a Righteous Gentile.

Israel intends to save millions of dollars annually by closing its embassy in El Salvador. Responding to this, the Salvadoran ambassador stated that the Latin American country has also been in financially dire straits lately as well, though it considers keeping its embassy in the Jewish state a worthwhile investment.

"El Salvador has been opening instead of closing embassies. The Israeli embassy is considered by us as one of the most important," Romero said. 

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