Updated 08:17 PM EDT, Thu, Oct 21, 2021

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Will this Hybrid Device Save the South Koren Tech Giant? [Specs, Features & Price Comparison]

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Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy TabPro S, but will it be enough to help the company regain their market share?

Forbes says it is possible.

The recently concluded 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) highlighted some of the newest devices from major technology companies, including the tablet-laptop hybrid from Samsung, which Forbes believes might be enough to make Microsoft and Apple crumble with fear.

"If tablet wars was a Street Fighter based video game, Samsung's fresh-faced Galaxy TabPro S would be entering the ring whilst the tired, battle-weary Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro look on in terror," a review from Forbes contributor Jay McGregor read.

Compared to Microsoft Surface Pro 4, the new Galaxy TabPro S is way lighter and thinner at 693 grams and 6.3 millimeters.

This, says McGregor, is a big plus for the hybrid newcomer because of the versatility and portability it provides, since "the devices are selling themselves as on-the-go laptops."

Of course, making a very slim body means they have to cut back on bulky features, thus, more physical connections are needed including a Display Port as well as a full-sized USB 3 slot.

One more feature that impressed tech experts is its operating system: Windows 10.

This provides what McGregor described as "the full desktop experience on a demi-mobile device."

It is also worth noting that the new TabPro S is the first flagship device from the Korean company powered by anything other than an Android operating system.

According to Techno Buffalo, the Galaxy TabPro S features options allow the user to link the hybrid to a Samsung mobile device such as the Galaxy S6 and receive notifications on their smartphones, similar to the Pushbullet notification function.

Another factor that should be considered when pitting one device against the other is the proportion of their raw performance to battery life.

On this note, McGregor analyzed how the TabPro S could be a better choice than the Surface Pro, even if he commended the latter for its raw performance.

"In terms of raw performance, the Surface Pro 4 is a powerhouse," the Forbes contributor explained, adding that the wide variety of processor and RAM capacity choices is a huge plus.

Unfortunately, the "great power" entails "great battery drain" with Microsoft's contender lasting no longer than 3.5 hours during tests after a full charge. It continues to siphon power from the battery even while in sleep mode.

The Samsung TabPro S promises to deliver 10.5 hours-worth of efficiency with its sixth generation Core M processor and 4GB RAM, but it has yet to prove the claim.

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