Updated 01:05 AM EDT, Wed, Apr 21, 2021

Marco Rubio Proposes Bill to Require Cuban Migrants to Show Proof of Abuse to Qualify for Public Assistance

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Marco Rubio is proposing a Bill to the Senate that would eliminate automatic federal benefits for Cuban migrants. If approved, it will require Cuban migrants to provide proof of abuse before they can avail any benefits.

In a report with The Guardian, Rubio is seeking to alter a decades old policy that allows Cuban immigrants to automatic federal benefits, unlike other countries. These federal benefits include access to Medicaid, welfare and food stamps.

The presidential hopeful, who is the son of Cuban migrants, has said in the recent weeks of his campaign period that the special treatment to Cuban migrants is in due time of being re-examined because of Cubans abusing the existing law.

Rubio's proposal would require those Cuban immigrants fleeing their country to prove that they are escaping prosecution in their homeland in order to qualify for public assistance, like refugees and asylum-seekers as most countries are required to do.

Rubio said in a recent statement on Monday that it was "outrageous" whenever America's generosity was being "exploited."

"It is particularly outrageous when individuals who claim to be fleeing repression in Cuba are welcomed and allowed to ‎collect federal assistance based on their plight, only to return often to the very place they claimed to be fleeing," Rubio said.

It was reported that Cuban Americans in Congress are calling for reforms to the conditions under the federal benefits, despite increased scrutiny over how the program is being used.

Critics of the current Cuban migration policy argue that many of those who travel to the US have become less political in intent and more economic. The critics have also complained that many of the Cuban migrants quickly return to Cuba after reaping the benefits.

Since the recent thaw in relations between the two nations, there has been a reported influx of Cuban migrants attempting to enter the US by sea or through Central America.

Rubio has been a long-time critic of Obama's move to thaw relations in Havana, as reported by the Tampa Bay Times.

"It gets very difficult to justify someone's status as an exile and refugee when a year and a half after they get here they are flying back to that country over and over again," he said of the current Cuban migrant crisis situation.

Rubio said that if he is elected president, he would reinstate the 50-year-old diplomatic freeze. Rubio was highly criticized for his shifting views, particularly on the pressing issue on immigration. 

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