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Best Honeymoon Sites: Costa Rica or Hawaii?

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For newlyweds looking for a perfect place to have their honeymoon, Costa Rica and Hawaii could just be the answer for you.

The Daily Sentinel noted that these two places do not just offer the usual beach scenery, as lovers can also embark on adventures and see beautiful mountains in these countries.

It claimed, however, that they also have contrasting features, like the volcanoes and sugar-sand beaches of Hawaii and the rain forests and rich biodiversity of Costa Rica. But people still want to know which one is better than the other.

Costa Rica

According to The Daily Sentinel, it would be more expensive to spend a vacation here since gasoline costs are high.

But if travel time will be a consideration, this country is faster to reach than the volcanic archipelago in the Central Pacific.

According to Costa Rica Experts, newlywed coupes can do a lot of activities in Costa Rica like snorkeling, coastal kayaking and horseback riding. They can also view the stunning Arenal Volcano, a captivating site in the northwestern part of the country.

"Experience the ultimate zipline adventure in view of the towering volcano and relax in the evening in all natural volcano-fed hot springs," noted the same report.

In addition, The Knot said the best time to visit the country is from December to April, since it is the dry season. The weather will allow individuals to go on more adventures, and see the wildlife in the rainforests of Costa Rica, like the howler monkey and sloth.


Frommer's said the main attractions in Hawaii are its beaches, underwater adventures and spa packages.

One of the best destinations for couples here is the Fairmont Orchid on the Kohala Coast, The Big Island, which has a 10,000-square-foot swimming pool and an outdoor waterfall massage. Newlywed couples can enjoy this treat for $389 a night.

In a separate writeup, The Knot said that the destination also offers delicious local cuisine for tourists.

However, it warned that each island offers different specialties, so couples will need to decide what they would like to do prior to their trip.

It was also added in The Daily Sentinel report that tourists can save money on their Hawaii trip if they buy from grocery stores and stock up their supplies.

"The trick is to shop like the Hawaiians do -- they eat local. Stick to fish, fruit, poke shacks that serve a marinated seafood that is delicious and inexpensive plate lunches," added the same report.

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