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Gain Access to Tom Clancy's 'The Division' Beta with every Weekly Humble Bundle Purchase

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This week's Humble Bundle comes with Tom Clancy games, including access to the beta version of "The Division."

With the bundle, IGN noted that players can already get the original "Ghost Reckon," "Rainbow Six," "Rainbow Six 3 Gold," "Rainbow Six Vegas" and "Splinter Cell Chaos Theory" by paying just a dollar.

It added that those who pay above the $9.65 average will also get "The Division" beta version as well as the "Rainbow Six Vegas 2," original "Splinter Cell" and "Splinter Cell Conviction."

Gameranx said that the release date of Tom Clancy's "The Division" has been delayed several times after it was announced in 2014. Its beta version was also supposed to be launched last month, but then it was rescheduled to early this year.

An Attack of the Fanboy report dished that the game's closed beta could start at the end of the month.

This information was based on a Reddit conversation where one user said "The closed beta starts on January 29th. We will be receiving and distributing the keys in the next 2 weeks before the beta begins."

But the beta version can only be accessed by players who get an invite when they sign up on the game's official website. But Attack of the Fanboy clarified that signing up is not an assurance that people will get an invite, since there is a random selection for such.

WinBeta earlier explained that the beta release was delayed because the developer, Ubisoft, wanted to offer gamers the best gaming experience possible with the upcoming release.

The beta version is expected to be available for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 users, and will feature additional languages, aside from those which were introduced in its alpha version in December.

"The Division" will be released on the three mentioned gaming consoles on March 8, 2016.

UbiBlog said the game will be about a pandemic that will devastate New York City, and will leave it in complete chaos -- without water, food and other basic needs. The division, composed of tactical agents, will be activated to save what remains of the affected society.

Last month, the alpha version of the game became available on the Xbox One.

According to Neowin, the alpha test was made available all around the world, except in China and Japan, but it claimed that the game was still considered to be great competition to Destiny.

Geek, on the other hand, explained that during the alpha stage, the game developer tested the game's infrastructure under "real world conditions," like having gamers play it to determine problems and iron these out.

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