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President Barack Obama Heading to Cuba Soon?

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Washington is laying out U.S. President Barack Obama's overseas trips for 2016, and there is a good chance Cuba will be part of it, says national security adviser Ben Rhodes.

On Saturday, Rhodes revealed how the American president plans on cementing relations between the U.S. and Cuba by making the trip to the Latin American country, News Max reported.

"The key test for us is whether the president's going to Cuba would help advance those priorities. That's something I think we'll make a decision about ... in the next couple months," he explained to the press in Hawaii, where Obama is on vacation.

According to News Max, such visit would be monumental to the warming relations between U.S. and Cuba, since it would make the opening of the latter to the former "irreversible."

The Los Angeles Times echoes this opinion, deeming "the normalization of relations with Cuba" to be "of symbolic significance to the Obama administration."

"It represents not only a historic opportunity to end a lingering remnant of the Cold War but also the chance to push for an affirmative change rather than simply respond to crises in the Middle East," the report added.

Rhodes further explained that steps are being taken by both Cuba and the U.S. to make such a goal a reality, Bloomberg reported.

"On the Cuban side, there are steps they could take over the course of the year that could allow them to absorb greater economic activity," he stated, adding that Cuban President Raul Castro, to some degree, wants to revolutionize the country.

He also emphasized "the key test" to the matter, which is whether or not such visit would improve the lives of the Cuban people.

"I think they have made a decision that they want this to happen," he said, noting that Cuba appears to see the possibility of change that is "consistent with their revolution" up to a certain degree.

Aside from Cuba, the President of the United States (POTUS) is also expected to visit several other countries in the Latin American, as well as in Asia and Europe.

"Obama plans to travel to China and Laos and host Southeast Asian leaders at a summit in California as part of his effort to turn American attention toward Asia," the Los Angeles Times reported.

The outlet further explained how the POTUS plans to roll out his foreign policy legacy before his final year in office is up.

"By far, the overarching foreign policy challenge of the new year will be the fight against the terrorist organization Islamic State and its efforts to inspire attacks against Western targets," the report read.

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