Updated 03:17 PM EDT, Wed, Apr 21, 2021

Cuba Marks 57th Anniversary of Its Revolution

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As the entire world celebrated the New Year on Friday, Cuba also commemorated the 57th anniversary of the Revolution which led to the transformation of the Caribbean island nation.

Athavan News described that numerous signs and flags adorned the capital Havana as people expressed hope that better things await the country in 2016.

In addition, TelesurTV said that the commemoration also included a military ceremony and a ballet performance of Swan Lake as the country remembered the victory of Fidel Castro over the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista.

The end of Batista's leadership marked the start of "a radical transformation" in the country that benefited the majority of the Cubans.

As they celebrated another memorable year after the historic event, Cubans remain hopeful for great things in store for the country.

"I have always identified with the Revolution. And so I hope for many good things and that they bring about changes benefiting everyone - us and our relations with the world and that globally, everything improves," librarian Magarita Morejon told EuroNews.

For the past 57 years, TelesurTV noted that Cuba was able to resolve extreme poverty and hunger, promote gender equality, reduce the mortality rate of children below five and attain a universal primary education for the citizens.

This year's celebration also looked back on a year that brought positive things to the country like the improved diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States.

Last December, both countries have reportedly reached an agreement to resume regular commercial flights from the United States and Cuba and vice versa.

BBC reported that an announcement on the agreement will soon be made though it said that it is still unclear when the flights will start since negotiations with US airlines could last for months.

New York Magazine detailed the hassle and extra cost for travellers just to travel between the two countries. It claimed that the round trip charter flight could cost around $500.

It also said that tickets are sold-out easily and could be fully booked for three to six months.

If the agreement is finally sealed, this could result in more than a dozen flights operating between the two countries.

According to an Associated Press report published by US News, this step will also strengthen economic ties between US and Cuba.

US officials hope that more than 12 flights will travel from the US to Cuba regularly, but it is still unclear if these will already replace the charter flights currently available for travellers.

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