Updated 10:12 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 23, 2021

Costa Rican Officers Detain 50 Migrants Trying to Cross the U.S. Border

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Law enforcement authorities in Costa Rica detained on Wednesday 51 illegal migrants from various countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, on their way to the United States.

ICR News mentioned that the migrants were aboard a truck and traveling near the Caña Blanca bridge in the Pacific coast city of Jaco around 3 a.m.

Among those detained included 26 individuals from Nepal; 9 from Bangladesh; 9 from Somalia; 4 from Eritrea, 2 from Iraq and one from Pakistan.

Authorities claimed that no one from this group had with them valid travel documents.

Three Costa Rican natives (Ticos) were also taken into custody after they were found to be helping the migrants move around the country and make their way to the U.S., one of them was the truck driver. They may face human trafficking charges, as per ICR News.

Tico Times noted that the migrants were transported to the Immigration Administration regional office while the Ticos were taken to the prosecutor's office for the filing of charges. They could face a jail time of two to six years for the offense.

The same report explained that human smugglers have used Central America to transport migrants to the United States, as per the Public Security Ministry.

Other smugglers have also been arrested for the past years after they were caught trying to bring undocumented migrants from Africa and Asia to the U.S.

It was added in the ICR News report that Costa Rica also detained 17 illegal migrants from Nepal and Bangladesh earlier in December.

Aside from Costa Rica, other Central American countries are repeatedly being used as land connectors for these migrants to seek better living conditions in the United States.

As for the thousands of Cuban migrants stranded in the Costa Rica for a month, an agreement of Central American nations has allowed them to continue their journey to America.

Al Jazeera said the deal, which will be in effect starting January, states that the stranded Cuban migrants will be airlifted to El Salvador and taken to Mexico by bus, and then proceed to the United States.

In addition, Reuters mentioned that an estimated 250 migrants will be initially flown to El Salvador. It also noted that there are still no clear details on who will shoulder the travel expenses of the migrants since these topics are to be discussed in future meetings.

"The solution emerging is an absolute exception and only for those people who entered national territory legally," said Costa Rica foreign minister Manuel Gonzalez in the Al Jazeera report.

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