Updated 01:08 PM EDT, Thu, Oct 21, 2021

Biggest Snowstorm in 55 Years Hits Mexico

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Mexico has been hit with its biggest snowstorm in 55 years.

According to authorities, some roads have remained closed in northern Mexico on Monday after the snowstorm covered parts of the region, Yahoo! News reported. The weekend snowfall blanketed 32 towns in the state of Chihuahua, which borders the United States borders of Texas and New Mexico.

Some areas are hit by snowfall accumulations of 30 centimeters (12 inches) and temperatures of minus-18 Celsius (zero Fahrenheit), Yahoo! News added.

"It's the most intense snowfall in the last 55 years," Efren Matamoros, the civil protection director in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, told AFP, as reported by the news outlet.

Seventeen road closures took place over the weekend, but 11 of them reopened on Monday, Yahoo! News noted. The Ciudad Juarez airport also resumed operations on Monday after it closed up over the weekend.

The state of Sonora declared a state of emergency in 63 of its towns, according to a report from Fox. Officers in Ciudad Juarez are providing emergency shelters to the homeless and elderly people.

Snowstorm Hits New Mexico Hard

New Mexico also suffered from a huge snowstorm over the weekend.

On Saturday night, icy streets resulted to road closures and slowed cars, which then led to rollovers across the city, Albuquerque Journal reported. Public officials have urged motorists to stay home.

For the eastern area of the state that was affected the most, the storm will probably last through Sunday night and into Monday morning, Albuquerque Journal wrote.

"It does look like a historic storm," National Weather Service Meteorologist Todd Shoemake said, as quoted by the news outlet. "We're just urging people to not travel unless you absolutely have to. It does look like a very significant event."

Meteorologist Brent Wachter said the snow storm could lead to power outages, extensive road closures, and dangerous conditions to eastern New Mexico, Albuquerque Journal added.

"Sustained winds around 40 (mph) and gusts around 60 (mph), with heavy snow falling, bitterly cold temperatures - it just adds up to dangerous conditions," he said, referring to the area of New Mexico south of Interstate 40 and east of Interstate 25, as reported by Albuquerque Journal. "Hardly any visibility at all."

City Director of Public Affairs DeAnna Phillips said that the last time New Mexico suffered a huge snowstorm was in 1997, when it experienced 24 inches of snow, the news outlet noted. New Mexico Communications Director Matt Kennicott assured that the city is ready for the disaster, adding that they track the storms' progress and crews are dedicated to their jobs.

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