Updated 03:07 AM EST, Sat, Dec 04, 2021

'The Beatles Now Streaming' on 9 Different Services Including Apple Music & Spotify! [Details]

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The Beatles is bringing their music to nine different streaming services.

The band's music catalog will be available at Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody (and Napster in the United Kingdom), Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, Microsoft Groove, and Slacker, Billboard listed. The catalog is already available at Pandora, SiriusXM Radio, and other non-interactive services that do not require permission to play a recording.

Rolling Stone reported that aside from The Beatles' U.K. LPs, the streaming deal will feature the two volumes of "The Past Masters," "Yellow Submarine," and three of the band's greatest hits compilations: "The Beatles 1962 - 1966," "The Beatles 1967 - 1970," and "1," totaling 224 songs.

It's unknown why the Beatles' Apple Corps and Universal Music Group finally decided to get into streaming services, but it "follows a pattern of the Fab Four holding out on new musical mediums until they're ready to join the party on their terms," Rolling Stone wrote. The Beatles' discography didn't grace iTunes until 2010, which is over five years after the digital music store rolled out in public.

The solo discographies of all the Beatles members -- John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr -- can also be found on streaming services, with Harrison's albums the latest to jump aboard the trend in October, the news outlet noted.

Financial Times wrote that the band's entrance into the streaming services scene will dampen the Beatles' tribute acts that have occupied the online music platforms with their covers of the Fab Four's music. The Beatles Tribute Band's "Here Comes the Sun" has gained more than 7 million streams on Spotify alone, which reportedly entails royalties in the thousands of dollars.

To celebrate the arrival of their discography on streaming services, the Beatles' official website has shared an image of the revolving Earth being lightened up by the Sun.

"The band of sun appears where The Beatles are streaming now. Watch as the music spreads around the globe on Christmas Eve," the band's site indicated, encouraging fans to use the hashtag #TheBeatlesStreaming on social media platforms.

According to Billboard, a source with knowledge of the negotiations believes that the surviving Beatles members and the heirs of Lennon and Harrison were influenced by the decisions of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, which allowed their music to be available at on-demand streaming services.

After the announcement of the Beatles' arrival to streaming services, Google Play revealed that the most searched Beatles albums and song lyrics were topped by "Abbey Road" and "Hey Jude," Rolling Stone noted.

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