Updated 06:56 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 27, 2021

Samsung Reminds Consumers Of Their Other Products As Galaxy Phones Popularity Fades

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Samsung has just released its newest holiday ad, and it's called "Give the Gift of Galaxy," featuring gift-wrapped packages of various shapes and sizes to reveal gadgets like the Galaxy S6 Edge phone, the SUHD television, the Galaxy View tablet, the Gear VR Headset and even Level Headphones.

This year's tagline read: "It's not a phone, it's a Galaxy."

While it seems simple enough, CNET noted that it is also a subtle reminder that the tech giant is not limited to manufacturing smartphones, and once the interest for its latest Galaxy S phones wane, there are other things to maintain consumer interest, like smartwatches and refrigerators, as well as virtual reality gadgets.

After all, despite being one of the biggest tech giants in the world, Samsung still has to convince people to fork over a lot of money for pricey gadgets designed to supposedly make life more convenient for people. It also has to rely on other companies for software for its devices -- for instance, Google's Android for its OS, and Oculus for its Virtual Reality.

To keep consumers interested, Samsung looks to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is their time to put their other electronic businesses in the spotlight. Televisions and home appliances are among the things to expect during the show, and with Samsung's SmartThings, they may be able to bring a lot for the company in the following year.

The outlet also noted that despite the company focusing more on smart devices these days, it does not mean that they are abandoning smartphone manufacturing, especially considering that it remains to be the world's biggest smartphone seller. However, as it continues on struggling to maintain its momentum in the smartphone market, it is logical for them to follow through with their other gadgets to maintain stability.

But with the holidays getting closer than ever, there are some things to look forward to regarding Samsung gadgets, one of which is the price cut from T-Mobile. According to E-Week, T-Mobile is cutting the price of Samsung Galaxy Phones by $100, from December 18 until December 23. The gadgets included in the price cut are the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Edge Plus, and the Galaxy Note 5 flagship smartphones.

Gotta Be Mobile also announced that AT&T has a two-for-one deal for the Galaxy S6 smartphone. Before you roll your eyes, however, the simple buy-one-get-one free deal is available in several ways, and will get consumers a free Galaxy S6 or an AT&T exclusive Galaxy S6 Active.

What Samsung products are you likely to get other than their smartphones?

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