Updated 12:18 PM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

Tom Clancy's 'Rainbow Six Siege' Provides 'Refreshing' Blend of Tactics: Everything You Need to Know [Review]

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Aside from solving problems commonly shared by its players, the new patch of Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six Siege" provides gamers a "refreshing" blend of tactics and gameplay.

Gamespot reported that the update for the game also comes with a high-resolution pack for the PC version.

It was also noted that this HD pack best complements the game in 4K resolution, since it provides upgrades on the textures of the play, like weapons and characters.

Made available on Wednesday, the changes in the shooter game for all platforms include an "auto-kick feature for intentional team killers," additional characters made available on the chat box, display of skill rank icon on the main screen and various bug fixes.

According to PC Gamer, team killings will be continuously monitored by the studio and would make adjustments if needed.

It also said that notable changes were made "to hit registration" after players complained of issues, although game developer, Ubisoft, said that some needed developments may not be addressed at this time.

In addition, the same report also said that defenders will have a reduced time to return to their base, from five seconds to just two. This move is expected "to curb spawn ambushes."

Ubisoft, in a statement quoted by TechTimes, noted that the team invested a lot of effort to give gamers, especially those using their PCs, "a solid and scalable experience."

Launched earlier this month for PS4, Xbox One and PC users, the "Rainbow Six Siege" received positive reviews from gamers. Gamespot's Scott Butterworth gave an 8 rating to the game, noting that there is no similar game that gets close to the performance of the Siege.

"With so much strategic depth, those periods between firefights actually become some of the most rewarding, while firefights themselves are made all the more intense by the knowledge that you're fighting for your life, not just your kill/death ratio," he added.

On the other hand, PC World also mentioned that the game is compelling and unique, thanks to its tactical play and destruction physics.

Telegraph added that the competitive action of the game has been greatly improved with the increase in difficulty levels and improved tutorials for players.

It also claimed that these factors make the multiplayer mode of Siege a really good one, which elevates the game to the likes of "Halo 5," "Star Wars Battlefront," "Battlefield Hardline" and "Call of Duty: Black Ops III."

"Rainbow Six Siege's smart, sharp tactical nous marks it as one of the best," added Telegraph.

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