Updated 09:37 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 23, 2021

Kevin Love Says Issue with Kelly Olynyk is a Thing of the Past As Cavs Face Celtics

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After dislocating his shoulder when he got tangled up with Boston Celtics power forward Kelly Olynyk, Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love seemed to have moved on from the incident that caused him a season-ending injury.

Fox Sports reported that Love did not hold a Grudge against Olynyk despite suffering the injury.

"Time heals all wounds. We've put it in the past," Love said noting that he has no feelings against the team, specifically Olynyk.

His comments came prior to the Cavs' 89-77 win versus the Celtics on Tuesday.

The same report mentioned that this toned-down response from Love is very different from his reaction during their play with the Celtics last April.

"I thought it was a bush-league play. I have no doubt in my mind that he did that on purpose," Love commented after he sustained the shoulder injury.

According to ESPN, Love has also accepted the apology of the Celtics player during the offseason.

"I haven't really thought about it. I don't really feel any animosity towards anybody. But at the same time, it will always be a place that I'll remember the playoff run they had last year and how mine got cut short," the Cavs player told ESPN.

He also expressed that he direly wanted to be with the team when they battled the Golden State Warriors during the NBA Finals last season.

With his return versus the Celtics, Cleveland.com reported that Love scored 11 points during the first quarter and then scored another five points, including a three-pointer.

It added that the Cavs power forward delivered another strong performance that can be compared to his great plays prior to his injury.

Last April, Love felt extreme shoulder pain when he battled for a rebound against Olynyk.

USA Today said Olynyk grabbed Love's arm and pulled him away from the ball, which caused the injury. The forward was immediately taken to the locker room where he received immediate medical attention.

Love was not able to return to the game and he blamed Olynyk for what happened. He also missed the entire season due to the injury and also the postseason games that followed.

For his part, the Celtics player expressed his apology to Love after the incident.

"I'd love to obviously apologize to him for the misfortune and let him know it's definitely not my intent, at all. Just wish him well and hopefully he has a very speedy recovery and can come back and help that team win," he told Boston Globe

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