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iPhone 7 to Have 'Self Healing Materials' to Prevent Water Damage? [Release Date, Specs & Price]

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The year is far from over and already there is much hype surrounding the smartphones of 2016. The iPhone 7 is arguably one of the most highly anticipated flagships of 2016. There are already rumors surrounding the iPhone 7, one of which is that the flagship will be incorporating 'self healing materials.'

While the iPhone 6S and its partner, the iPhone 6S Plus are relatively new entrants in the smartphone market, they have already been somewhat overshadowed by the hyped iPhone 7. Tech Times reports that the next generation flagship will have a self-equipped healing device that will protect the phone from being damaged by water. 

The website noted that Apple said that it will be applying a self-healing elastomer over one or more of the iPhone's external electronic connectors, in the company's latest patent filing. This type of technology would allow for better protection against cumbersome elements, such as water, debris, dust, gas and other damaging materials. This means that Apple users can also take selfies in perhaps the most unusual locations, such as in the middle of a sandstorm.  

Apple also claims that using this level of protection would be most useful if one accidentally drops their phone in the sink. They could be fully assured that their phone would be free of any damage if this was the case. 

"The self-healing elastomer may obscure the electronic connectors from the user as well as provide environmental protection for the connector and the electronic device," Apple said on their official website.

"Electronic probes may temporarily penetrate the self-healing elastomer to mate with the electronic connector. After removal of the probes the self-healing elastomer may elastically reform and self-heal."

The report also noted that Apple's self-healing elastomers will also be be applied to the headphone jack opening, including the cylindrical housing. This would allow for instant protection from dust, liquid and other harmful materials.

Apart from the iPhone 7's self-healing trait, the elastomers would allow for flexibility that would be reportedly penetrated by a headphone plug. The material is said to automatically reseal once the connector is released from its attachment.

CNet also reported that the iPhone 7 will sport an entirely new design with a sapphire display, which would offer a higher degree of shatter and scratch resistance for the iPhone 7 than the current models,' Gorilla Glass.

Apple has made no official announcements regarding the release date of the iPhone 7, but it is speculated that the iPhone 7 will be released in September of next year with a hefty price tag of $900-1,000.

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