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'System Shock 3' Development Confirmed: What to Expect [Release Date, Trailer & Game Play]

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OtherSide Entertainment has officially confirmed that they are now developing "System Shock 3" via a teaser websiteshowcasing a digital face that has long been the theme of the game.

First released by Looking Glass Technologies in 1994, the first-person action role-playing game is now being rebooted after 16 years, thanks to the partnership between OtherSide and Night Dive Studios.

According to Screen Rant, Night Dive had initially revealed their plan of developing a remake of the original game that featured the "malicious artificial intelligence" called "SHODAN," who would act as the game's villain.

And they did rebuilt interest for the RPG with the release of "System Shock: Enhanced Edition," which allows the original game to be compatible with modern gaming consoles.

Unfortunately, the company deem themselves incapable of developing a new installment for the franchise as a follow up to "System Shock 2," which was released in North America back in 1999.

On the other hand, the company also revealed that they are looking into all possible options to remedy the dilemma.

As it turns out, conversations as to these options bore fruit, which involved a partnership with OtherSide, and the involvement of the game's concept artist Robb Waters.

Waters was able to reimagine the game, as well as SHODAN, with a touch of modern aesthetic.

Techno Buffalo notes that the classic "System Shock" game is "cult-hits in the PC shooter world."

"They generated a bit of buzz back when they were released, but not until it was found out that BioShock was heavily inspired by them did they re-enter the mainstream gaming knowledge," the outlet explained.

So far, only the teaser website, which redirects fans to links where they can receive updates via social media outlets for the game's progress, together with what Techno Buffalo described as a "creepy audio clip is bound to terrify fans of the first two games."

There also have been no leaks of screenshots or videos that would show how the game play would look 

There is also no confirmation on whether the game would be made available for other consoles, aside from PC like PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Xbox 360.

However, Gematsu revealed that the company is floating a survey form via Survey Monkey to determine what most users prefer to use.

The game puts players in the situation of an unnamed hacker who is stranded aboard a space station with SHODAN, who runs several scenarios that is intended to destroy humans living on Earth.

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