Updated 03:16 AM EDT, Fri, Sep 25, 2020

Apple Watches Can Now Control Your Go Pro: Here's How

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In its latest iOS update, GoPro has enabled Apple Watch users to control the action camera using the wearable device.

Mashable said the Thursday update on the GoPro iOS app now includes an application for the Apple Watch.

"The Watch app is essentially a wrist-mounted remote control for a GoPro's most important functions," added the same report.

It noted that GoPro users now have the ability to control their cameras from their wrists and perform actions like recording videos, previewing shots and adding "HiLight" bookmarks.

This iOS application, as per Mashable, is compatible with the GoPro HERO3 and other GoPro cameras which have WiFi. But it noted that photo preview on the watch is not possible on the HERO3 and HERO2 with Wi-Fi Bacpac.

In addition, MacWorld reports that the Apple Watch application also functions as a remote viewfinder so that users can frame their shots first before they can start taking a photo or recording videos.

"You can add a Complication, or shortcut, on the face of your Watch to hit record and capture those easy-to-miss action shots," added MacWorld.

The latest version of the GoPro app can be downloaded here via the App Store.

Aside from the Apple Watch feature, the GoPro iOS update also comes with additional features like the ability to save a video frame as a still image.

The App Store description adds that the GoPro app also lets users adjust camera settings using their phone, trim videos, download images, go to the GoPro channel and update their camera software.

GoPro users can also save photos and videos to their devices and delete files from the microSD card.

With the new features introduced to the mobile application, it is expected that these will be very useful with the upcoming release of Karma, GoPro's drone.

MacWorld said the company announced that its quadcopter will be released next year and is expected to also be controlled using an iPhone or an Apple Watch.

According to Daily Mail, a teaser video of the drone did not show how the camera was designed but reveals what users can expect with the product.

"Take a moment to look around you. Take a moment to recognize the magic that surrounds us every day... All of this a dream," the voiceover in the video tells the viewers.

The footage also shows users that with the Karma, they can already "imagine their dream from any perspective" with the stabilization system that does not anymore require editing.

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