Updated 02:09 AM EDT, Sun, Apr 18, 2021

Rockstar Launches 'GTA V: Executives and Other Criminals' Expansion Pack [Gameplay, New Missions & Details]

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Rockstar Games reveals new expansion pack, "Executives and Other Criminals," for the popular action-adventure video game multiplayer mode, Grand Theft Auto Online.

Screen Rant delves into the past and reveals how more than two years ago, the multinational video game developer launched "GTA V" which sparked a lot of excitement and expectation among avid gamers.

After promoting the game with a lot of trailers, photos, and a promising future, many were astonished when the game finally arrived with everything Rockstar had promised.

Now, the company is promising more with the upcoming release of a new expansion pack, called "Executives and Criminals" which, according to Game Spot, allows online players to become a "VIP" and build their own crime empire.

According to the outlet, the update will be coming to players using PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC -- all absolutely free.

But, unfortunately for those using other consoles, like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the expansion pack will not be available, even if they are willing to pay for it.

"Executives and Criminals" also includes never-before-seen gameplay modes, as well as "luxury" items like the Super Yacht and a home in Vinewood Hills.

"Organizations can go head to head in Freemode, with new missions that make full use of the latest executive defense options including new armored vehicle variants, the devastating Turreted Limo and the missile defense systems of the Super Yacht, which also comes with its own suite of supporting vehicle upgrades including the new SuperVolito Carbon helicopter and personal watercraft," Rockstar described the new update in a statement.

Aside from that, the VIPs can also run their own operations and do jobs with other players' via the multiplayer co-op mode, and have access to new special abilities can also be attained via Freemode.

The "bosses" will also be able to hire and fire other players from their team of bodyguards who, in turn, can earn their regular paycheck and special benefits like GTA$, RP and stat upgrades for their hard work.

According to Screen Rant, the new expansion pack will also change some factors in the current Freemode events, like "Moving Target and King of the Hill."

Aside from that, Rockstar also added a new Extraction Adversary Mode, where players are required to rescue "bosses" from a crashed jet before enemies get to them and kill their leaders.

The official release date stated on the Rockstar Games' website is on Tuesday, December 15.

Here is the first look at the update:

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