Updated 10:27 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 20, 2021

Galaxy S7 Wishlist: Top Specs Samsung Lovers Want to See

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Smartphone users continue to explore possibilities with upcoming new devices from top caliber gadget providers like Samsung Electronics.

With the way technology is progressing, there is no question that what seems to be impossible today can become the trend tomorrow.

With that said, it is not surprising that the Samsung Galaxy S7, which is expected to see the light of day early next year, excites fans with the possibility that it may just be the perfect smart device for them.

In fact, a list in Techno Buffalo shows some of the most wanted specs and features, not only in the new Samsung device, but for any flagship device at that.

On top of the list is the inclusion of a MicroSD card slot which allows users to expand the storage on the device.

According to the outlet, the Korean company has gone back and forth with this feature and even removed it from their latest device, the Galaxy S6, simply because they believe it was unnecessary because of the 128GB internal memory option, as well as the presence of cloud storage.

Techno Buffalo, however, sees the feature not just as an expansion, but as backup storage considering that the recently rolled out Android Marshmallow allows MicroSDs to be formatted into internal storage.

And, with the increasing uses of smartphones nowadays, you can never have enough memory.

One more thing that Samsung should consider improving is the battery life.

Since such devices are now being used for more than simple text messages and calls, a bigger battery capacity is required in every smartphone.

Unfortunately, Samsung did not do well in this area with their Galaxy S6 considering the size of the device, which definitely couldn't accommodate a larger battery pack.

"It's just part of the problem that you face when you have a smaller device without as much room for a large battery. If Samsung can fix this, I'd happily carry the Galaxy S6 as my daily driver instead of something bigger like the Galaxy Note 5 or another phablet, which I need simply for the battery life," the outlet explained.

Another thing Techno Buffalo believes Samsung should do with their new device is keep the Galaxy S6 design and concentrate on improving its functions instead of working on the externals.

This may have already been granted, considering how the leaked images in GSM Arena shows a Galaxy S7 variant looking very identical to the current flagship device.

The image, which reportedly came from a third-party accessory maker ItSkins, shows the details of two Galaxy S7 variants: one that looks like the S6 and the other that is similar to the Galaxy Mega 2.

The first variant shows only two noticeable changes from the S6 design: the home button's shape and the location of the SIM slot.

Do you want the same specs for the new Samsung Galaxy S7? Sound off your ideas in the comments section below.

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