Updated 06:23 PM EST, Sun, Jan 24, 2021

'Hunger Games' Prequel Movies in the Works? Lionsgate's Michael Burns Reveals There Might Be More In Store for the Franchise

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Lionsgate executive reveals the production outlet's plans for the hit blockbuster series, "The Hunger Games," amid claims of disappointing ticket sales for its fourth and final installment.

The four-movie franchise appears to have concluded not quite as explosive as expected, with several "Mockingjay-Part 2" reviews claiming that the final movie did not earn as much as expected because it was "too dark" for the young audience who comprises a huge chunk of their market.

This, however, was immediately dismissed by Lionsgate management, with vice chairman, Michael Burns, deeming the $101 million opening was not an issue for the franchise.

"It's a high-class problem when you're complaining about a $101 million opening," he revealed during the UBS Media and Communications Conference on Tuesday in New York, as cited by The Wrap.

Aside from that, he compared the "Hunger Games" franchise to that of "Harry Potter," noting that it will "live on and on and on."

He also described the franchise with a caliber that should not be criticized based on one element alone, saying that in such project "you can make damn near a billion dollars."

This implication led some outlets like Variety to speculate that Lionsgate is not done with "Hunger Games" just yet.

"Burns noted that the first two films contained arenas -- where the 74th and 75th versions of the Hunger Games competitions took place -- while the second two did not, and said younger fans missed the arenas in the latter pics," the report explained, adding Burns' statement about going backwards and having arenas.

With this in mind, Screen Rant believes that Burns is talking about making prequels to the "Hunger Games" that features the survival of the fittest game, concocted by the genius behind the trilogy it was based on: Suzanne Collins.

Collins' "The Hunger Games" trilogy was adapted into film by Lionsgate in 2012 and became a huge hit.

Since then, the entertainment company decided to bring the entire book series to the big screen.

While the final movie seems to have not gotten the expected response, there are still some die-hard fans who wish the franchise had not ended.

Proof of this are several fan-made trailers of what they think the company should tackle in a Hunger Games prequel. Check it out below.

Good news for them, is that Lionsgate seem to be considering all their options for the "Hunger Games," with Burns explaining to Variety that they only wish to continue Collins' concepts of "just war theory."

"Whatever extensions of 'The Hunger Games' brand we pursue, the intent is not to glorify violence by arbitrarily telling arena stories, but to continue Suzanne Collins's exploration of the concepts of just war theory," he explained.

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