Updated 01:57 PM EDT, Wed, Sep 23, 2020

California & Mexico Are Forever Linked Thanks to The Newlys Built Sleek Cross-Border Airport

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There will now be a forever link between California in the U.S. and Mexico, after a sleek terminal was built on the borders of the two countries.

An Associated Press (AP) report published by the Huffington Post revealed that the aircraft terminal was completed through the efforts of an investor group led by Chicago billionaire, Sam Zell.

It added that the location is in San Diego, which has a connecting bridge to Tijuana's old airport. For passengers to be able to cross the overpass to the Tijuana International Airport, they will have to pay $18.

The project was targeted to benefit and serve about 60 percent (2.6 million) of Tijuana passengers who are bound for the United States. Instead of driving to a congested crossing where horrible traffic extends travel time by hours, they can just take the bridge and walk for about five minutes to reach the border.

"It seems so much easier, so liberating," said frequent Tijuana traveler, Daniela Calderon, in the AP report.

Patch added that the gateway between the US and Mexico will be open 24 hours to service passengers arriving and departing from both countries.

Investor, Carlos Laviada, told the same report that the link of the borders is aimed at providing convenience for millions of travelers.

"We started the planning and approvals for CBX over eight years ago, and it has garnered incredible support on both sides of the border. Intercountry travel for leisure and business is a critical economic driver for this entire region," Lavida said in the Patch report.

For San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce president, Jerry Sanders, the airport terminal extension provides a great option for travelers between the two countries.

"This will be a great new option for travel between the U.S. and Mexico," said Jerry Sanders, president and CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. "It is unique in the world, and we expect the CBX (Cross Border Xpress terminal) will be a catalyst for economic growth in our region on both sides of the border," Sanders told Patch.

In addition, Voice of San Diego claimed that the pedestrian bridge will also allow Tijuana airport passengers to park on the US side and walk to the Mexican airport and then walk back to US soil.

AP added that the only cross-border airport in the world is located between Basel, Switzerland and the Upper Rhine region of France.

"But it carries none of the political freight of San Diego and Tijuana," added AP noting that Mexicans were able to cross borders until the mid-1990s before high fences prevented them from entering the US.

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