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'Deadpool' Movie Poster Reveals What We Can Expect to Hear from the Wise-Cracking Hero [Release Date, Trailer & News]

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"Deadpool" is undoubtedly among the cheekiest of heroes, and a new international poster that has been released, shows exactly what we can expect from the smart aleck.

Cinema Blend noted that in the new poster, Ryan Reynolds dons his costume as he strikes a naughty pose that draws attention not just on the Merc with the Mouth's nature as a wise ass, but also at his actual ass. He's also wearing a backpack that looks like it's something a middle-school boy would wear, although it's pretty doubtful that he's going for a "Lolita" kind of thing.

The outlet also noted that Deadpool's poster is only the latest in a list of already bizarre promotional pieces that the film has released over the year. Among the highlights, include Ryan Reynolds reading a copy of "Deadpool #250" on the toilet, incidentally, the issue in which he finally "died." There was also a video where he supposedly killed Mario Lopez for suggesting that the film be rated PG-13, and another one where he recruits kids dressed as the X-Men on Halloween. With the film's release date so close, it is expected that TV spots and features will be equally bizarre, if not more.

IGN reported that the film will draw heavily on its comic book origin, which means that as it is in the comics, "Deadpool" will follow the story of Wade Wilson, a special forces operative who joins a secret program to cure his cancer. While the experiment gave him healing powers, his face was also disfigured in the process, leading him to be on the hunt for vengeance fo the man "who nearly destroyed his life." Despite the seemingly dark storyline, however, "Deadpool's" brand of sense of humor makes for a cheeky hero, which explains the tongue-in-cheek promotional campaigns made for the film.

The Hollywood Reporter also pointed out that the comedic elements to "Deadpool's" character also contrasts with the continuing dark storyline for the rest of Marvel's and Warner Bros' superhero universes. That being said, "Deadpool" is a breath of fresh air as far as heroes go.

Opening in theaters on February 12, 2016, "Deadpool" is Directed by Tim Miller. Based on the original comics from Marvel, the film was adapted and written for the big screen by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds as the eponymous Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Andre Tricoteux as Collosus, and Morena Baccarin as Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat. The Supporting cast includes Ed Skrein, Gina Carano, and TJ Miller.

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