Updated 03:52 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 22, 2021

'Just Cause 3' Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Everything You Need to Know [Gameplay, Beta Test & More]

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"Just Cause 3" was launched just about a day ago and it seems like many are already saying bad things about the game.

Excitement injected by trailers and other marketing paraphernalia seem to have no effect now, after the new open world action-adventure video game from Avalanche Studios and Square Enix was released on Monday.

In fact, Kotaku's, Kirk Hamilton, was disappointed at how it turned out as he described the game to have done "one thing really well, and a lot of other things poorly."

The Good

The "one thing" Hamilton was referring to was the awesome graphics that "captures the thrill of flight in a way that very few games manage."

"I'll whiz through a mountain pass and buzz oh-so-close to a clutch of pines, the sound of wind in my ears and a grin on my face. In those moments, it's possible to forgive 'Just Cause 3' its many shortcomings," he wrote.

While playing Rico Rodriguez, the game's main character, Hamilton notes that the entire experience of flying-or falling with style-in "Just Cause 3" almost made him want to recommend it to his friends.

The Bad

While there is one thing that is extremely commendable in the game, it seems like it is not enough to cover up its numerous flaws.

"The narrative is so undercooked it's raw, and the majority of the story missions are bad. Enemies are spammy and annoying, and enemy artificial intelligence feels dated and ridiculous," he described the 'glaring, maddening problems' of the action-adventure game.

He also noted that the enemies programmed in the game are "spammy" and can become really annoying with their dated artificial intelligence.

"It somehow manages to be irritatingly difficult and overly easy at the same time, and is frustrating as often as it is rewarding," he added.

Forbes' Dave Thier echoes this opinion, explaining that the game can become pretty boring at a certain point.

"The story missions are pretty bad, which is a shame. They can be skipped almost entirely," he wrote.

The Ugly

What is worse than the programming of "Just Cause 3" is the fact that the game is worse when a player uses Xbox One.

Patrick Klepek, another Kotaku contributor, cited a worrisome review of the game from YouTube's NX Gamer, which claims that its loading time in the console lasts up to 15 minutes.

Aside from that, the YouTuber also claims that frame rate declined to as low as 17 frames-per-second while he was playing it.

The only issue with this review is that NX Gamer did not include any screenshot of the loading page to support his claims of the slow frame rate in the video game. 

Check out the entire review below.

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