Updated 02:02 AM EST, Thu, Dec 03, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date & Price: Best Handset of 2016? Stunning Specs & Features Expected [Rumor Review]

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Samsung's next flagship gadgets are already making rounds on the Internet, with a few months left before its release. However, none of them can be confirmed yet, as the company has been keeping mum about the specs and features to expect.

Nevertheless, there are still some rumors that we'd love to think will make it to the actual models, and here are some of the most popular ones regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 6:

Tech Times reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is beginning to seem like a gaming PC, what with its rumored 16-core processor wit 4K display and will come at either 6 or 6.2 inches in size. If reports are true, it could be the next best thing for gamers, as it is reported to be stocked with gaming PC minimum 8GB of RAM as well.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 6 has also been reported to come with an amazing 30MP rear camera with a cool 16MP shutter for selfies, although others believe that the front camera will be a less flashy 7MP instead.

It will boast of sensors, too: it is said to have a fingerprint scanner, but more importantly, may include a retina or an iris scanner as well. And then the less typicals ones: Tech Times noted that it will also have a barometer, thermometer, a compass, and an SP02 oxygen sensor for blood pressure and heart rate.

Power-wise, the Galaxy Note 6 is going to have a massive 4,2000 mAh battery that is expected to be compatible with a fast-charging technology that is expected to charge the phone at 40% in four minutes. While traditional charging is okay, the better part of the Note 6 is that it is also said to support wireless charging tech.

As for the storage, there is no need to worry as you will have enough space no matter how many selfies you take. The Galaxy Note 6 is said to have storage configurations of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB -- which one you prefer is entirely your choice, as there have been no confirmation yet as to whether or not this memory is expandable with a memory card. Value Walk seems to think that there will be a card slot, though.

And lastly, it will still come with a stylus pen. This has already been a notable feature in the Galaxy Note Phablets, but Value Walk noted that this new stylus will feature a sleeker design.

What do you think of these rumored specs and features so far?

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