Updated 03:13 AM EDT, Wed, Oct 20, 2021

Germany Sending 1200 Troops To Syria?

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The war against the Islamic State is nowhere near its end, and countries that are part of the international coalition opposing ISIS have been deploying soldiers in the battle.

Germany, for instance, is mulling over sending 1,200 troops to support the fight against ISIS. The figure is an "upper limit" for the troops needed to operate the aircrafts, tankers planes, and warships that the country intended to send to the region.

Chancellor, Angela Merkel, agreed to honor France's request for Germany to provide support for its military operations against the terrorist group in Syria, despite the fact that Germany already provides weapons and training for Kurds fighting in Iraq. The decision still lies with the Cabinet, which is due to agree to the mission's mandate on Tuesday and put it to Parliament for approval.

What is clear, as reported by The Washington Times, is that German troops will not actively engage in combat, as officials already rejected suggestions that Germany might cooperate with those still loyal to Syrian President, Bashar Assad. The possibility that the military may become part of an anti-ISIS coalition, on the other hand, is left open.

Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, said on Sunday, "There will be no future with Assad, that is clear."

In a separate commentary, as quoted by USA Today, she said that "Everything has to be directed towards the same goal: Weaken the Islamic State, limit its range of movement, destroy its training camps, win back city by city, destroy its oil revenue and break its aura of invincibility."

Germany is not the only country deploying troops to Syria. The US has about 3,400 on-ground serving as advisers in Iraq. France has conducted intensive bombing of targets around the ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, as a retaliation of the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is urging his parliament to approve air strikes. Russia has already provided troops and weapons, and is conducting airstrikes in Syria in a campaign to help Syrian President, Bashar Assad.

Troop deployment aside, tensions are high over another issue regarding Syria: refugee crisis. The government is said to still be trying to find accommodation for the million civilians seeking asylum. However, Telegraph UK noted that despite the number that Germany is said to welcome into the country, a separate poll found that 45% of Germans believe they should accept fewer refugees that they are currently taking in.

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