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Top 5 Places to Visit in Latin America As Suggested by the LATA

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The Latin American Travel Association highlighted several picturesque tourist destinations in the region in a bid to promote its natural wonders this holiday season.

A report from E-Turbo News revealed what the Latin American region has in store for local and international tourists alike.


First in the list and representing Argentina is the country's Mesopotamia or the so-called "Land of Rivers," that houses lovely flora, fauna, landscape and communities.

It holds the unique experience of witnessing 300-year-old palm trees in the El Palmar forest as well as a diverse ecosystem in the Ibera Wetlands.

The Great Mocona Fall, a three-kilometer-long canyon that serves as the one of continent's biggest fresh water reserves, is also situated in this part of the region, together with the famous Iguazu Falls.

Aside from that, the nation also holds the time-stopping beauty of the Argentine and Chilean culture as they cross the ancient land of San Pedro de Atacama, as well as the rich entertainment taste of those from the Humahuaca Gorge.


Meanwhile, Mexico presents a fast-paced tour in the popular parts of Central America which highlights the busy streets of the country as well as the ancient Mayan ruins.

Newly opened internal flights also present more destination possibilities, providing a chance for tourists to visit the Teotihuacán ruins, Caye Caulker, Chichén Itzá, and the Tikal.


Colombia, on the other hand, can now be viewed differently as Last Frontiers Ltd introduces a 14-day tour through the nation, covering San Agustín, Bogotá, the Coffee region, Medellín and the island of Providencia.


Chile's Atacama Desert can also be viewed from above via hot air balloons made by Cameron Balloons of Bristol beginning May 2016, where tourists can behold the Valley of the Moon in an entirely new perspective for as long as three hours.

This includes a pre-launch tour with the hot air balloon pilot from the team responsible for "Balloons over Bagan," with the added bonus of a tasty breakfast and a glass of sparkling champagne to match the magical sceneries.


A new adventure awaits those who wish to visit Ecuador and its world-famous Amazon in 2016 as a 12-day adventure-filled tour that includes island hopping in Galapagos, which is planned to be introduced next year.

The unique flavors of Ecuadorian dishes will also be presented, thanks to the new Quito Tourism, which includes a visit to the 16th Century San Francisco beer brewery, and the Rocafuerte and Chimborazo fruit markets.

Costa Rica

Costa Ricans will be pleased to welcome tourists in the holiday tour to the Poas Volcano National Park via the new route in San Jose where guests will prepare to be amazed with the country's Tamarindo Beach, where a hotel called the "Tamarindo Diria" will be waiting to accommodate them.

Peru and Brazil

New tours also highlights a cruise though Peru's Amazonian river and Brazil's Paraty, located south of nation's culture-rich capital, Rio de Janeiro.

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