Updated 03:34 AM EDT, Wed, Oct 20, 2021

ISIS News: Britain Calls For Airstrikes on Syria

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On Thursday, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and French President, Francois Hollande, spoke about working together against terrorism, agreeing to increase their exchange of information and intelligence.

CNN reported that Hollande said to reporters in Moscow, "We are all concerned by terrorism. Terrorism can strike anywhere, so we have to act."

Hollande is continuing his week of diplomacy, building an international coalition against the Islamic State. His schedule of meetings with world leaders also include German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and US President, Barack Obama. Although initially not part of the coalition, Putin said his country is ready to cooperate.

Along with Putin as the newest leader to be part of the coalition, is British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who also met with Hollande on Monday.

Currently, he is making his case at the House of Commons about going to war. Cameron said that Britain needs "to take action now, to help protect us against the terrorism seen on the streets of Paris and elsewhere."

Cameron insisted that the country cannot afford to wait for change in Syria to confront their threats. He shared, "We cannot wait for a political transition. We have to hit these militants in their heartland now."

He added that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could not be part of any long-term solution for the country.

However, not all remain convinced that Britain should take part in this struggle. FT UK reported that Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, for instance, said "The issue now is whether what the prime minister is proposing strengthens, or undermines, our national security. I do not believe the prime minister today made a convincing case."

Hilary Benn, the Shadow foreign secretary, however, agreed that it is time to go to war, saying, "I think our allies look to us -- particularly the French, after the grievous blow they have suffered in Paris -- and they want to feel we are with them in solidarity, and I think we should be."

The meeting closed with three possible options regarding UK's participation in the Syrian war: a free vote that will expose the split in the opposition party, a whipped vote for action that will lead to Britain participating in the war, or a whipped vote against action, where the country will stay out of the mess in Syria. None of them are pleasant.

A parliamentary vote is expected to be held next week, and until then, Britain's participation as part of the coalition against the Islamic State is not considered final.

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