Updated 08:35 PM EST, Wed, Dec 08, 2021

Apple Watch Now Has Vine Application: How Does It Work?

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Twitter's video entertainment application, Vine, has come to the Apple Watch.

According to Alphr, the new Twitter update for the video-based social media service, introduced the app to Apple Watch.

iOs engineer, Simon Corsin, said in a blog post "When we set out to build Vine for the Apple Watch, we focused on making sure that you can quickly access the content on Vine that is most important to you." 

With its addition to the Apple Watch, Vine allows users to view six-second videos. Alphr noted that owners of the watch can also watch the videos they favorited, which then gives them the capacity to browse videos from other categories.

"That means you can explore new content with the Apple Watch app, but, interestingly, it doesn't let you view your timeline as you would on your phone," added the same report.

The Vine application also reportedly comes with a complication for the watch faces and shows your account's total amount of loops.

Corsin added in his blog post that users can add the complication to their Apple Watch face by pressing firmly on the screen to be able to select a watch face.

"Choose one with complications (we love the Modular face), then tap 'Customize.' Select the space where you want to see your account's loops, and scroll through the various options to find 'Vine,'" added Corsin.

PCMag added that the Vine application for the Apple Watch has two feeds -- Favorites and Features. It noted that Favorites allows users to see the videos from creators, while Features presents "hand-selected" videos from various channels.

The same report said that since the app can be accessed any time through one's wristwatch, users will be able to Re-Vine loops on the go.

For those who would want to have the Vine application on their Apple Watch, PCMag said they should first make sure that Vine is updated to the latest version for iOS 4.4.0.

"Then, open the Watch app on your phone, find "Vine," and enable the option "Show App on Apple Watch," added PCMag.

In a similar report, Engadget said that Vine has been teased to be part of the Apple Watch, but with it being part of the said wristwatch, the app should be expected not to work like it does on the iPhone.

"Videos won't automatically play, and the audio goes through the watch's built-in speaker -- keep that in mind if you decide to watch cat videos while you're waiting for the bus," warned the same report.

Aside from this great upgrade, Engadget said Vine has also added a simple approach to its recommendations, which allow users to explore more clips. However, the update has been made available only on iOS for now.

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