Updated 06:45 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 27, 2021

ISIS Video Vows War Against the World, Mexico Only LatAm Country on the List

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The Islamic State Group has released a new video vowing to launch war against the world, with Mexico as the lone Latin American country on the list.

The video, which was released on Wednesday and titled "No Respite," showed ISIS threatening to carry out attacks in 60 countries, including Mexico, teleSUR reported. The clip, which was produced in English, also featured photos of the flags of the countries ISIS is currently terrorizing.

The radical Islamist group said that the main focus of its forthcoming attacks will be the United States, Russia, Iran, and Turkey, teleSUR listed. Other nations included in ISIS' list are Australia, Bahrain, Albania, Denmark, Belgium, China, Croatia, Austria, Egypt, Czech Republic, Greece, Canada, Estonia, France, Finland, Iraq, Jordan, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Lebanon, Kosovo, South Korea, Kuwait, Israel, Italy, Japan, Qatar, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Slovakia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Taiwan, U.K. United Arab Emirates, Spain, Oman, Ukraine, Tunisia, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Portugal, Morocco, Moldova, and Malta.

Mexico being ISIS' top Latin American target could be because of a list published by the U.S. government in September, teleSUR further reported. The document lists all the countries that will be lending a hand in the coalition against the extremist group. The nations have pledged to help fight ISIS in plenty of ways, including politically, aerial bombings, military equipment, and humanitarian assistance.

In the video, ISIS claimed that they have supporters in every country in the world and that people from different races and nations aid them. They also threatened that countries putting up a fight against them will be handed "the flames of war ... in the hills of death," and told French President Francois Hollande that he "declared a war that he cannot win," the news outlet added.

According to the video released by the group, they cover a territory eight times that of Belgium and 30 times of Qatar. ISIS also mentioned that the future expansion of its caliphate, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is being planned. Thousands of children are being prepared for the caliphate's future expansion, which will be built on "prophetic methodology" while the West's "secular state is built on man-made rules," adding that their soldiers are fighting "the interests of legislators, liars, fornicators and multinationals," teleSUR noted.

ISIS' video criticized the U.S. armed forces, which they said may be the largest in the world, but have soldiers traumatized by defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan, teleSUR added. These defeats, said the group citing a 2012 report, was the reason why 6,500 of American soldiers commit suicide annually.

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