Updated 06:36 PM EDT, Fri, Jun 05, 2020

iPad Pro Pencil Hack: How to Get 3D Touch Capabilities

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However high-tech iPad Pro is, it's still missing a feature that tech-savvy users are looking for nowadays, which is the 3D Touch. Fortunately, one clever Apple enthusiast managed to give the device a new monster trait.

According to iPhone Hacks, a developer named Hamza Sood, used his knowledge about Apple's operating system to jailbreak the iOS 9. As a result, he linked relevant bits of the software's code to "manipulate pressure data" from the Apple Pencil to be able to respond to 3D Touch.

However, this will just work with iPad Pro, as Apple Pencil is known to respond its pressure data only for painting, writing, and sketching. But, Sood discovered its pressure sensitive "nib," which works on the hard pressure users give, removing the need for a detection layer in the screen.

Tech Radar reported that the discovered-app is like iPhone 6S' "Pop" gesture, where users can press harder than usual, and an additional option will "pop up" to have the full view of its content, without the need for even opening it. In his sample video, posted on his Twitter page, he demonstrated how the same button was used to unlock two different commands, which depend on how hard the Pencil was pressed.

Sood shared the hack's code on GitHub the way he exactly did on his iPad Pro. However, Apple might not apply this thing to their device officially because it might contradict its upcoming iPad Pro 2, which has 3D Touch and will come out next year.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac cited that what he did was only really possible because the Apple pencil can report pressure data back to its system, which added the extra dimension when painting or drawing. The site revealed that the pencil's sensors are the one responsible for the "pop" gesture and not the unit itself.

In fact, the codes Sood used, converted the raw force data into sensible numbers that 3D Touch Peek and Pop system have. Apple didn't reveal the technology the pencil has, aside from sketching and drawing, but it evidently can act as a generic "pointing across the iOS UI."

Apple iPad Pro is available in stores and online while the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard accessories, unfortunately, have low supply around the world. It can be back ordered for up to four weeks when purchased from the Apple Online Store.

Watch how Apple introduce their flagship device, iPad Pro, in this video:

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