Updated 11:20 PM EST, Fri, Jan 22, 2021

ISIS News: Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility For Tunisian Bombing 

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The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for yet another terrorist bombing.

Twelve people were killed, and another 20 injured, in a bombing in Tunis, Tunisia on November 24, in a bus carrying members of the Tunisian Presidential Guard, reports CNN.

The bomb exploded while the bus was parked near the main artery in the country's capital, where guard members are usually picked up and dropped off, said an official.

A thirteenth body was found near the scene and is suspected to be that of the bomber. An unnamed official representing the presidential guard spoke with the popular Radio Mosaique FM, where he shared that witnesses saw a young man trying to board the bus ahead of the others. He detonated his bomb upon confrontation.

The explosion not only destroyed the bus he was trying to board, but also blew out the windows of a high-rise building nearby.

ISIS then claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement released the following day, where they claimed that a suicide bomber blew up his explosive vest. They also said it contained a photo of the said bomber, along with the message, "Tyrants of Tunis must know that they will not be safe, God willing, and we won't stop until the law of God rules Tunis."

The Tunisian government has not commented on the extremist group's statement and the claim cannot be authenticated at this time.

In response to the blast, The New York Times reported that the government has declared a state of emergency, which temporarily closed down the airport and tourist sites, and imposed a curfew as well. The southern border with Libya is said to be closed for fifteen days beginning Wednesday as well.

A spokesman for the UN, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, said, "The Secretary-General reiterates that the United Nations will continue to stand with the people of Tunisia as they confront the scourge of terrorism and continue to consolidate and strengthen their democracy."

Other countries declared their support for Tunisia during this time. The United States condemned the attack and promised to assist the Tunisian authorities in the investigation. National Security Council spokesman Ned Price, said "Terrorists have sought to use fear and violence to undermine the important gains the Tunisian people have made in pursuit of a democratic, stable, and prosperous country."

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said in a tweet of support that the UK will also stand with Tunisia and will "support Tunisian security forces confronting terrorism."

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