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‘Luke Cage’ TV Series: 5 Must-Know Facts About the Superhero Before Watching the Show

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Here's what you need to know about Marvel's "Luke Cage."

Mike Colter as Luke Cage

The 13-episode series "Luke Cage" is one of the four dramas Marvel is developing exclusively for Netflix following the Charlie Cox-starrer "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones" headlined by Krysten Ritter. Eventually, Cage (Mike Colter) will team up with Daredevil, Jones, and the uncast Iron Fist, culminating with a "The Defenders" mini-series about a group of heroic and self-sacrificing characters, the Hollywood Reporter noted.

Colter debuted as Cage in a recurring role on "Jessica Jones." Jeph Loeb, executive producer/head of Marvel Television, described Cage last year as an "important superhero in the Marvel mythos." Executive producer/showrunner Melissa Rosenberg added that the actor "embodies the strength, edge and depth of Luke Cage," Marvel's official site reported.

Luke Cage's Origin

Luke Cage, created by the writer/artist team of Archie Goodwin and John Romita, Sr., was inspired by the rise of Blaxploitation films. In 1972, the superhero was launched into the Marvel universe with his own series titled "Luke Cage, Hero for Hire," Cinema Blend wrote.

The character's key superpower is his indestructible skin that cannot be cut or burned, traits which are the result of an experiment conducted on him while he was in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Cinema Blend added. Cage then becomes a fugitive attempting to rebuild his life in Harlem, and must soon tackle his past and step up against the evil perpetrating his city, Marvel's official release said.

Love Interests

In the Marvel comic book universe, Cage's main love interest is Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple, who has already appeared in several episodes of "Daredevil," the Hollywood Reporter stated. It's unclear whether this romantic connection will also play out on the Netflix drama. Cage has a romantic and consequential relationship with Jones as well.

Claire Temple's Mother

This week, Marvel.com announced that Sonia Braga will be portraying Soledad Temple, Claire's mother. The Brazilian actress of "Gabriela" fame previously starred in "Kiss of the Spider Woman," "Moon Over Parador," and "The Burning Season," projects which scored Braga nominations in major award giving bodies.

"A character as strong as Claire needs an equally powerful mother, and with Sonia we found the perfect actress to deliver the stellar performance we needed," said Loeb, as quoted in Marvel's report. "In 'Marvel's Luke Cage,' fans will now get a chance to see where Claire got the fire we love her for."

According to executive producer and showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker, Braga was the perfect choice to play a character that was both "formidable yet possessed a light touch," the news outlet added.

More Casting News & Release Date

"Luke Cage," which will premiere in 2016, is produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios for Netflix. Other confirmed cast members are Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard and Mahershala Ali as Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes, Marvel.com listed. Coker is writing the series' first two episodes.

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