Updated 04:50 PM EST, Sun, Jan 16, 2022

Domestic Violence Awareness: Latino Human Rights Groups Say "No Mas" to Violence

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Latino human rights groups are teaming up with celebrities to take a stand against domestic violence. These fighters of human rights are crying, "No Mas" to domestic violence.

The "Decimos No Mas" Campaign is comprised of Spanish and English advertisements as well as resources, that aims to start a conversation about domestic violence in Latino communities. In April of this year, the Avon Foundation for Women, domestic violence prevention campaign No More, as well as Minnesota based non-profit organization Casa de Esperanza released a nationwide study called No Mas, NBC News reported.

The nationwide survey, which was composed of 800 Latinas over the age of 18, said that one in every four Latinos knows someone who is a victim of sexual assault. It was also found out that nearly 50 percent of the respondents know someone who is a victim of domestic violence. The survey also showed that 83 percent of these women were willing to bring up the issue of domestic violence to their children. It was found out that a third of the respondents had done something to intervene and do something for the victim.

The report said that talking about domestic violence to children was a very difficult topic for parents to discuss. The campaign, which was released on Nov. 17 is launched to train parents with tools as well as tips on how to address their children with the issue on domestic violence and abuse. It was emphasized that if children and parents keep an open line of communication, these children would grow up to lead healthy, fulfilling and loving relationships.

Latinos are reportedly very well aware of the issue on domestic violence. The report added that many Latinos are willing to move beyond awareness and are ready to take action to resolve the issue at hand.

In an earlier report with Think Progress, at least 41 percent of surveyed Latinos believe that the main reason that many domestic violence victims do not seek help is the fear of being deported. Juan Carlos Arean, who is the senior director of the National Latin Network for Healthy Families said that many of the Latino immigrants who fall victim to domestic violence refuse to seek help because of the fear of calling on the authorities, who would in turn see that they are undocumented immigrants and have them deported.

Arean is hopeful on the success of the campaign. He said that one thing that the No Mas stood for was extraordinary strength. He added that there was good news despite the crushing reality of domestic violence, that there were people who were willing to take the fight and stand up against its evils.

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