Updated 04:06 PM EST, Sun, Jan 16, 2022

Argentina News: What is Mauricio Macri's Plan for Change?

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Argentina president-elect Mauricio Macri's recent victory spelled a season for change for the South American country. The Conservative is determined to set Argentina in its place in the world.

Following his victory on Sunday night, Macri said that he was determined to see Argentina's political landscape take a rightward turn. Macri's victory would mark the first change of Argentine government in over a decade. Macri added that among the changes that he was gpoing to make was to end the country's memorandum of understanding with Iran, push Venezuela away from the regional free trade association Mercosur. He also added that he was going to make sure that Argentina eased away from a fixed exchange rate with the dollar, a report from The Guardian said.

Macri also declared that Argentina needed to "be in the world". The former Mayor of Buenos Aires was initially not viewed as a serious contender. His predecessor, outgoing President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner had favored Daniel Scioli and many Argentines thought that Scioli would be ahead in the polls, especially if he enjoyed the backing of the President. Macri won with 51.4% of the vote, which was less than three points ahead of his political opponent.

The 56-year-old Macri, managed to gather behind him all those who desired a shift from Kirchnerismo. This was the name of the political movement named after the late President Nestor Kirchner successor, Cristina. Macri's supporters included those from the social-democratic Radical Civic Union, the liberal Civic Coalition and his own party, the center-right Republican Proposal, a report from BBC said.

Macri said that Fernandez had called to congratulate him on his Sunday victory. Fernandez had invited him to the Casa Rosada presidential palace to talk on the transition, which must be completed by December 10.

Macri and his predecessor have two opposing views on politics. For one thing, Fernandez focused more on social programs to eliminate inequality. She also brought closer trade ties with China and Iran. Fernandez also sought alliances with leftist leaders in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

On other other hand, Macri seems to be more focused on taking Argentina out to the world and looking to strenghten ties with the U.S. He added that he would prioritize economic growth, curb inflation and encourage investors to the country.

Macri also vows to build relations with Latin America. He announced that his first foreign visit would be in Brazil, Argentina's neighbor and trade partner. He also contacted leaders of Uruguay, Chile and Colombia.

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